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Michelin, a long tradition of social engagement

Faced with the new social and environmental challenges, the Group is continuing its long tradition of social engagement, by supporting numerous projects and initiatives throughout the world, in line with its beliefs and values. Three major programs are structuring its action: the Fondation d’Entreprise Michelin [Michelin Foundation], Michelin Volontariat [Michelin Volunteers] and Michelin Développement [Michelin Development]

The Michelin Foundation, conduit of the Group’s culture and values

Created in January 2014 under the aegis of “People in Motion”, the Michelin Foundation continues the Group’s social engagement by echoing its values of respect and solidarity.

To do this, it supports innovative projects in line with the Group’s activities and close to its employees and sites throughout the world.

Michelin Volunteers, or employee engagement in local projects

Since the end of 2013, this programme has encouraged employees to get involved in volunteer actions within local communities, over a wide scope: health, education, emergency aid, safe mobility, environmental protection, diversity and inclusion, etc. Michelin Volunteers has set itself three major goals for 2030:

 • Every Group site carries out volunteer actions

 • Each site has, as a minimum, doubled the percentage of its employees involved in volunteer actions since 2020

 • 20% of its employees participate in volunteer actions

  • Inclusion
    Handi Cap Evasion Auvergne is an association that organizes hikes for children with a physical disability near Clermont-Ferrand. In 2023, over 50 employees have taken part in hikes.

  • Education 

    In April 2023, 4th and 5th grade pupils [equivalent to years 5 and 6 in the UK education system] from the East North Street Academy in Greenville visited the Michelin hanger and discovered the jobs of pilots and technicians. Organized by volunteers and in collaboration with Girls Loving Science and Challenge Maths Club, Michelin employees described their jobs and talked about the use of science in their everyday lives. 

  • Environmental protection

    In 2023, the Michelin factory in Shenyang (China) launched a litter pick campaign in a neighbouring park. Proud of contributing to the Group’s “All Sustainable” vision and its CSR strategy, more than 140 volunteers took part in the action, which allowed for collecting 102 kg of litter.

Michelin Development, support for employment and activity in the regions

One of a kind, Michelin Development provides expertise and technical assistance to local companies in a wide variety of fields. Financial support may also be offered, in the form of grants or subsidized, unsecured 5-year loans. Michelin Development also plays a role in revitalizing regions affected by economic change, in order to promote the emergence of new activities and support the creation of jobs.

+ 4 1 000

Creation of jobs supported by Michelin Development since 1990

19 700

Employees invested in local projects in 2023

+ 80

Projects supported by the Michelin Foundation in 2023

Other examples of the Group’s initiatives or engagements

  • Actions in favour of safer mobility
    Fully committed to the global fight for safer mobility, the Groupe acts in collaboration with its public and private sector partners to overcome this challenge. Objective: raise awareness of best road safety practices un populations and contribute to halving the number of people killed or injured on the roads by 2030 (UN sustainable development goals). 
  • Training in industrial jobs

    Michelin invests in training with Hall 32, a brand new, multi-partner mechanism for industrial jobs, in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Driven by the major stakeholders in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the Clermont-Ferrand regional education authority, this centre allows for better tackling the problems linked to the attractiveness, recruitment and training for industrial jobs.

  • The Cataroux Park, a project with an economic and social purpose

    For Michelin, the Cataroux Park is the expression of its future vision, based on the All Sustainable approach. A project that engages the Group and multiple public and private stakeholders in the aim of making a useful and sustainable contribution to the economic and human development of the Auvergne region in France. 

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