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Michelin launches the "Michelin 3xplorer Club", an exclusive NFT collection

A 5,000-piece NFT collection, depicting the famous Michelin Man in 5,000 unique versions, and providing access to exclusive experiences with Michelin.
  • A new demonstration of dynamism by Michelin, as it continues to explore new areas alongside its customers

Passionate about innovation, Michelin is announcing its entry into Web3 with the launch of the Michelin 3xplorer Club, a community centered around an exclusive 5,000-piece NFT collection. The Michelin 3xplorer Club community will be open to all and holders of NFT format member cards will enjoy privileged access. The initiative reflects the brand’s intention to continue exploring new horizons, conquer new frontiers and embark on new adventures alongside its customers.


Michelin 3xplorer Club members will possess a unique digital work representing the Michelin Man. There will also be a lottery and community challenges to give members a chance to access exclusive experiences, such as the revelation gala of the famous MICHELIN Guide selection attended by top-flight chefs, the one-hundredth anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans alongside the MICHELIN Motorsport Team and the MotoGP Grand Prix, and to discover Michelin as never before. Michelin is pleased to propose these unique experiences to its fans, and to thereby strengthen its relationship with them.

This NFT collection is the first phase of the Michelin Web3 strategy, bearing witness to the brand’s desire to create new experiences for its customers, while consolidating its relationship with its community.

For this project, Michelin worked alongside partners of choice, including, a startup specialized in Web3 and NFTs, Goeland Studio, a digital creation agency specialized in virtual and augmented reality and, specialized in designing Web3 and metaverse experiences. Together, they created a unique collection of NFTs, reflecting the excellence and innovation associated with the Michelin brand.

Discover Web3 with the Michelin Man and live unique experiences with Michelin when you join the Michelin 3xplorer Club on Twitter*!

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For more than 130 years, MICHELIN has facilitated mobility, for everyone and everywhere. Web3 is the perfect place in which to bring together the Michelin Man’s friends, who are also innovation enthusiasts

Jean-François Laforge Brands and Commercial Communication Director of the Michelin Group.

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