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MICHELIN Guide - Guangzhou - 2024

The seventh edition of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou sees the debut of the MICHELIN Green Star in the city and celebrates 1 new MICHELIN Star restaurant

  • One restaurant is newly recognized with One MICHELIN Star, and 2 establishments newly received a Bib Gourmand

  • The  MICHELIN Green Star is awarded for the first time to a Guangzhou restaurant

  • The MICHELIN Guide hands out 3 Special Awards for restaurant professionals: the Young Chef Award, the Sommelier Award and the Service Award.

On May 30th, Michelin released the 2024 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou at the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, China. In the capital city of Guangdong province, Michelin unveiled the latest restaurants the Michelin Inspectors decided to recommend within their selection and announced the talented winners of the MICHELIN Special Award. One restaurant is recognized with the MICHELIN Green Star for the very first time in Guangzhou, becoming the third establishment in China mainland to see its outstanding sustainable commitments rewarded. In total, the 2024 selection includes 105 restaurants, and pays tribute to 3 outstanding professionals, who received the MICHELIN Young Chef Award, the MICHELIN Sommelier Award and the MICHELIN Service Award.

“2024 marks the 7th anniversary of the MICHELIN Guide in Guangzhou.7 years during which our Inspectors have passionately been scouting the city, witnessing the evolution of its culinary scene, and been impressed by its steady progression. At the MICHELIN Guide, we have been glad and proud to showcase the city’s numerous culinary wonders not only to local, but also to national and international food lovers and travelers.”

“By developing impressive initiatives or taking first steps to the direction of sustainability, some restaurants have also demonstrated interesting commitments that are a true source of inspiration for the whole industry – one of them even receiving the MICHELIN Green Star for the very first time in Guangzhou.”

Gwendal Poullennec International Director of the MICHELIN Guides

1 Restaurant Newly Awarded One MICHELIN Star

In the new edition of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou, the 3 restaurants recommended last year with Two MICHELIN Stars retain their distinction this year. Sixteen establishments, previously awarded One MICHELIN Star, also maintain their distinction, illustrating the consistency of their top-quality culinary offering.

In addition, one restaurant newly receives One MICHELIN Star: Yu Garden, helmed by Chef May (Chen Mingmei). As an art lover, Chef May chose to open her place away from the city, in an airy space adorned by artworks on loan from the gallery nearby. Fujian cuisine prevails on the menu and most ingredients are shipped straight from the province. Specialities such as the umami-loaded sea worm jelly and the aromatic Xiamen ginger duck stew are superbly executed.


The First MICHELIN Green Star in Guangzhou

Just like the famous Stars in the MICHELIN Guide restaurant selection, indicating establishments that offer the most exceptional culinary experiences, the MICHELIN Green Star, launched in 2020 worldwide, is intended to honour trailblazing restaurants that are outstandingly committed to more sustainable gastronomy.

These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with remarkable eco-friendly commitments – and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.

After celebrating some Beijing and Shanghai restaurants, the MICHELIN Green Star makes its debut in Guangzhou this year, highlighting one restaurant: Yong. In addition to paying great attention to the Chinese cultural heritage, historical building, antique ceramics and authentic craftsmanship, Yong makes extensive use of local ingredients, of which many are pickled and fermented in-house to twist the dishes. The restaurant also eliminates the use of plastic and collects leftover ingredients to cleverly prepare sauces for dishes.


2 Entries in the Bib Gourmand List

In addition to Starred restaurants, the globally popular Bib Gourmand selection continues to provide many recommendations for visitors living in Guangzhou and international travelers, featuring a wide range of restaurants with affordable prices and delicious food. Not only do these restaurants provide gourmets with convenient dining options, but they also represent an important part of the local culture, playing an important role for the community cohesion. A total of 41 Bib Gourmand restaurants are recommended within the new selection of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou, of which 2 restaurants are newly awarded.


Hui Cheng (Dunhe Road)

Cuisine: Chao Zhou

A far cry from its humble beginnings as a street stall, this elegant restaurant located in a cultural park prides itself on the freshest catch from Chaoshan, the owner's home area. There is no printed menu; diners choose from the ingredients on full display. with the Inspectors particularly appreciated the signature pork trotter in a spiced soy-based marinade for its gelatinous skin and exceptional depth.


Mian Ji (Yuexiu)

Cuisine: Cantonese

Since 1985, this tiny gem has been specializing in double-boiled soups. The menu boasts 20 health tonics that are grouped by medicinal properties; some are good for the lungs; others boost energy levels. Those slow cooked in whole coconuts are especially loved by customers, like the coconut chicken soup that imparts sweet aromas. Steamed rice with pork patty and pickled mustard greens entices with briny umami and juicy, silky pork.


Moreover, 44 restaurants proposing high quality cuisine and covering around 20 cuisine styles are also recommended in the new edition of the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou. Part of them are 4 brand new additions: the innovative restaurant Chōwa, as well as The Eminent, The Legend and Tung Fook Superior Cuisine which deliver Cantonese cuisine.


Three MICHELIN Guide Special Awards are handed out to restaurant professionals.

The MICHELIN Guide is committed to promoting culinary excellence as well as shading a light on passionate and skilled professionals. Three Special Awards are handed out to highlight talented individuals – the MICHELIN Young Chef Award, Sommelier Award and Service Award.

Yongsheng LI from One MICHELIN Star restaurant Yu Yue Heen received the MICHELIN Young Chef Award, presented by MINDONGYIYU. Originated from Guangdong, Chef Li is the Chinese executive chef of the restaurant. In 2023 he joined Yu Yue Heen, started managing the kitchen, and redesigned the menu quickly. Under his leadership, the restaurant performs innovation in cuisine and consistency in food quality.

Hao LEUNG from MICHELIN-selected restaurant Chōwa received the MICHELIN Sommelier Award supported by MINDONGYIYU. Mr. Leung has a good knowledge of wine and closely works with the chef to create outstanding pairings according to the seasonal menu. This allows him to provide customers with a detailed introduction to the wines and the philosophy behind the pairings during the service. He selects wines from small producers and even sources somes from Japan to pair with certain Japanese ingredients. Additionally, there is also a remarkable sake pairing available.

The Service Award went to Christian Royce ROMMESWINKEL from MICHELIN-selected restaurant The Attic. Mr Rommeswinkel is fluent in Mandarin and takes the time to explain the menus and their dishes to guests. He is proactive, friendly, humorous, adept at communicating with guests, making them feel cared for and creating a relaxed dining atmosphere.

The Guangzhou restaurant selection joins the MICHELIN Guide selection of hotels, which features the most unique and exciting places to stay in China and throughout the world.        

Every hotel in the Guide is chosen for its extraordinary style, service, and personality — with options for all budgets — and each hotel can be booked directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app.

Visit the MICHELIN Guide website, or download the free app for iOS and Android, to discover every restaurant in the selection and book an unforgettable hotel.

The MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2024 at a glance:

105 recommended restaurants of which:

  • 3 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants

  • 17 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (of which, 1 new)

  • 41 Bib Gourmand restaurants (of which, 2 new)

  • 44 Michelin-selected restaurants (of which, 4 new)

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