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MICHELIN Guide 2024 - Mexico - first edition

  • The MICHELIN Guide has unveiled its first selection for Mexico, divulging details of the best restaurants in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo and Nuevo León

  • The 2024 crop boasts a total of 157 restaurants, including 42 Bib Gourmands, 16 one MICHELIN Star and 2 two MICHELIN Stars establishments

  • 6 eateries receive the MICHELIN Green Star for their endeavors to promote more sustainable gastronomy

For its inaugural selection, 18 Stars illuminate the MICHELIN Guide Mexico’s gastronomic heavens

Today, the MICHELIN Guide revealed its initiatory Mexican selection, at a glittering ceremony held at the El Cantoral cultural center.

No fewer than 157 restaurants made a big impression with the Guide’s inspectors, who scoured the cities and regions of Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo and Nuevo León, searching for locales offering top-notch gastronomic experiences.

The MICHELIN Guide Mexico selection 2024 was prepared according to the Guide’s historic and universal methodology, applied by its inspector-experts worldwide, according to the five following criteria:

  • The quality of ingredients

  • The mastery of cooking techniques

  • Harmony of flavors

  • The personality of the chef as expressed in the dining experience

  • Consistency both across the entire menu and over time

“What a joy it is to honor the uniqueness of the Mexican gastronomic landscape in Mexico City. The first and very promising selection is an illustration of how the country is showcasing its regions, with their cultures and traditions that are as distinctive as they are distinguishable. From sophisticated restaurants honored with one MICHELIN Star, to bustling street ‘taqueria’, our inspectors were impressed by the constant culinary effervescence that is both authentic and indulgent,” explained Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “The regions’ strong identities are Mexico’s beating heart, attracting foodies and travelers on the lookout for remarkable experiences. The talented male and female chefs bring their local culture to the fore and thereby continue to assert Mexico’s position as a gastronomic iconic destination.”

Quintonil and Pujol earn Mexico’s very first two MICHELIN Stars accolades

Two restaurants receive the coveted two MICHELIN Stars honor, the highest level of distinction in this inaugural Mexican selection.

Celebrated chef, Enrique Olvera and his team at Pujol (Mexico City), fuse tradition and creativity, exalting Mexican history with sophistication and depth. Be it the omakase tacos or the seasonal tasting menu, the chef deploys his expertise to enhance exceptional produce, much to the delight of gourmets. Quintonil (Mexico City), meanwhile, is named after a herb commonly found in the Oaxaca region. In this stylish and enticing locale, chef Jorge Vallejo and his partner, Alejandra Flores, craft sleek, creative cuisine to dazzle the senses.


16 restaurants receive one MICHELIN Star

Quintana Roo is popular among travelers thanks to its glorious beaches and appealing Caribbean climate. The region’s luxury resorts offer their international clientèle elaborate cuisine, steeped in Mayan culture and shaped by cultural exchanges. Fresh herbs, citrus, chili and achiote (or roucou) fragrance specialties including “cochinita pibil” (marinated pork cooked slowly in banana leaves).
3 regional eateries are distinguished with one MICHELIN Star:
Cocina de Autor Riviera Maya, Le Chique and HA’.

Oaxaca region is characterized by a rich indigenous culture, preserving century-old culinary traditions. A number of female chefs are paving the way towards a profoundly unique gastronomy, either by working in kitchens or by transmitting their know-how. Oaxaca’s seven “mole” are marvels of its cuisine, offering depth, complexity and subtlety that rank them among the world’s greatest sauces.       
2 restaurants in the region receive one MICHELIN Star:
Los Danzantes Oaxaca and Levadura de Olla Restaurante

The waters of
Baja California and Baja California Sur are renowned for being home to the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems, enabling diners to indulge in exquisite seafood, prepared as swoon-worthy ceviche and fish tacos. Inland, thanks to the favorable climate, Valle de Guadalupe has become Mexico’s most prominent wine producing region, home to young, talented chefs who are committed to offering a captivating restaurant culture.

4 eateries in these regions earn one MICHELIN Star: Animalón, Cocina de Autor Los Cabos, Conchas de Piedra and Damiana.

Nuevo León, a region in the north of the country, with an industrial identity, has embraced the stark contrast between its farming past and its present, characterized by an influx of international travelers. The typical “norteño” cuisine is marked by bountiful rusticity and meat options, rooted in the region’s ranching history. The famous “arrachera” (marinated steak) and “cabrito” (roasted baby goat) are served with corn tortillas, local cheeses and “frijoles charros” (pinto bean stew), with spicy seasoning. Today, the desire for sophistication and finesse is transforming the dining scene, that deftly juggles between exalting local traditions and products and exploring international techniques and flavors.

2 restaurants in the region are honored with one MICHELIN Star: KOLI Cocina de Origen and Pangea.  

It is hard to encapsulate the ebullient metropolis that is Mexico City, but the MICHELIN Guide’s famous inspectors were thrilled to delve into its multi-faceted culinary landscape, dining at modest yet authentic taqueria and more sophisticated and cosmopolitan establishments. Tasty and varied local specialties and creative and refined restaurants are the two sides to a single coin, that is deserving of its reputation as one of the world’s most flamboyant culinary scenes.
5 restaurants in the region receive one MICHELIN Star:
Em, Esquina Común, Rosetta, Taquería El Califa de León and Sud 777.


6 restaurants were presented with the MICHELIN Green Star for their efforts to promote sustainable gastronomy.

Just like the famous Stars in the MICHELIN Guide restaurant selection, indicating establishments that offer the most superb culinary experiences, the Green Star, launched in 2020, is intended to honor trailblazing restaurants that are committed to more sustainable gastronomy and a more ethical future.  

More than a mere trend, food sustainability is a lifestyle rooted in Mexico’s various culinary communities. Many restaurants in the selection sparked the MICHELIN Guide inspectors’ interest through their endeavors to source the best local products and to showcase producers and artisans.

6 restaurants stood out particularly in this regard:

Acre (Recommended restaurant; Baja California Sur): this establishment is honing a sustainable cultivation and harvesting program in order to use as many ingredients produced by the restaurant as possible in its menu. Other raw materials come from local farms, to guarantee their traceability and to preserve responsible farming practices. The team also sources products that underscore national traditions and which support local communities of farmers and fishermen.

Conchas de Piedra (one MICHELIN Star; Baja California): Deckmans Group restaurants boast 3 farms and this establishment produces its own olive oil. Mollusk sourcing is respectful of ecosystems and the law, and shell remnants are used to prevent soil erosion and to supplement the farm’s vines with calcium. Finally, only salt from San Felipe is used.

Deckman’s en El Mogor (Recommended restaurant; Baja California): the restaurant features 3 orchards producing 80% of its plants, and each garden contains at least 5 bee hives. Compost is made entirely using organic waste, and on average, ingredients are sourced within 35 km from the restaurant.

Flora’s Field Kitchen (Bib Gourmand; Baja California Sur): this family-run establishment has 25 acres planted with organic herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, including mango, papaya and citrus fruit. Chickens are reared for their eggs and the restaurant has its own slaughtering system. Animals are fed a plant-based diet free from hormones and antibiotics and work is always underway to improve the efficiency of the farm, the ranch and the restaurant. For example, wilted flowers are given to the chickens who love to peck at the dried seeds, while peelings are fed to the pigs and chickens whose manure heats the compost used on the farm.   

Los Danzantes Oaxaca (one MICHELIN Star; Oaxaca): this restaurant boasts its own organic garden and only uses seasonal produce, while controlling its waste management as part of a zero-waste process. The team has forged ties with small-scale producers, artisans and social organizations. Glass bottles and used cooking oil are given to a glassblower, who uses the oil as an alternative fuel source. Coffee grounds are added to the compost, and rainwater is collected to irrigate crops.   

Lunario (Recommended restaurant; Baja California): the monthly tasting menu is concocted from local, seasonal produce, mainly from the restaurant’s farm, kitchen garden, pens and bee hives. Dairy produce is made on-site, and seafood comes from local purveyors, who can ensure its traceability and sustainability. Local wines are highlighted, with a 100% local selection and the establishment optimizes its waste management (sorting, recycling, compost) to enrich its vines and gardens. 

42 Bib Gourmands and 97 restaurants recommended

42 Bib Gourmands are spotlighted in this initial Mexican selection, rewarding their commitment to offering foodies and travelers dining experiences with outstanding value for money. The selection emphasizes both traditional and more contemporary Mexican flavors.

Finally, 97 restaurants were distinguished by the MICHELIN Guide inspectors with a recommendation; thereby elevating them to the forefront of their respective regions’ gastronomic scenes.


5 Special Awards were presented at the MICHELIN Guide Mexico Ceremony 2024

6 professionals received a MICHELIN Special Award in recognition for their skill and passion that enables them to deliver memorable gastronomic experiences.

The inspectors also utilize these awards to highlight the diversity of restaurant industry professions.


Mentor Chef Award: Enrique Olvera (restaurant Pujol, two Stars).

Enrique Olvera is a stalwart of world cuisine, inspiring chefs around the globe to discover and explore the techniques, flavors, ingredients and legacies of Mexican cuisine. Countless professionals have worked in his kitchen and chef Olvera has drawn the attention of international foodies to Mexican cuisine, showcasing its roots and traditions with more cosmopolitan influences and ideas.

Young Chef Award (sponsored by José Cuervo): Thalía Barrios Garcia (Levadura de Olla Restaurante, one Star).
This young chef in her late twenties learned to cook alongside her mother and grandmother. Her background and personal story infuse her cuisine with a unique personality, that is capable of transforming traditions.     

Exceptional Cocktail Award: Felipe Acevedo (KOLI Cocina de Origen, one Star).      
Original, well-balanced cocktails, with a harmony of flavors that oozes sophistication. In this restaurant, Felipe Acevedo proposes cocktail pairings with or without alcohol, cleverly structured in harmony with the menu.

Sommelier Award (sponsored by Casa Madero): Lauren Plascencia (restaurant Animalón, one Star).

The wine list, with its international influences, places an onus on Mexican wines and, in particular, those hailing from Baja California. The establishment’s sustainable approach is reflected through its fine selection of biodynamic offerings, as well as wines with minimal chemical intervention.

Service Award (sponsored by Topo Chico): Reyna Venegas and Marcelo Hisaki (Restaurante Amores, Recommended restaurant).
Couple team, Reyna Venegas and Marcelo Hisaki, run this enticing restaurant in Tecate, testifying to their passion and unwavering commitment. Dishes accentuate local produce and are served gracefully, while dinner is sublimely orchestrated in the restaurant’s intimate dining room.

The Mexico restaurant selection joins the MICHELIN Guide selection of hotels which features the most unique, exciting and unmissable places to stay in Mexico and around the world.       

 Every hotel in the MICHELIN Guide is chosen for its style, service and personality (with options for all budgets) and each hotel can be booked directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app.       

The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in gastronomy. Now it’s setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website, or download the free app for iOS and Android to discover every restaurant in the selection and to book an unforgettable hotel.

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