The MICHELIN X AGVEV, means that port operators now have access to a tire engineered to meet their AGV requirements in terms of performance, reliability, productivity, and safety. It is also the first time a port tire has been ‘EV’ marked, indicating that it contributes to reducing machine emissions, and increasing battery life on electric vehicles, due to its very low rolling resistance.


AGVs have been getting more and more common in ports because they optimise operations by ensuring high levels of productivity and safety standards. While these machines are currently used in numerous ports in Asia, Europe and North America, previously there were no tires on the market specifically designed for these vehicles.

The MICHELIN X AGVEV tire’s main features include

  • Smooth running and optimal reliability: the tire has been designed to ensure long lasting reliability due to its damage resistant design and slick tread pattern.
  • Robustness: the tire’s construction has been optimized to cope with high vehicle and load weights.
  • Very low rolling resistance to save energy: as most AGVs are now electric, special care has been taken to ensure minimal energy consumption, making it the perfect fit for electric vehicles.
  • TPMS-ready: the tire comes with a specific patch inside that allows for easy fixing of the Michelin TPMS sensor that monitors pressure and temperature in real time. This is a peace of mind solution for driverless vehicles where there is no operator to perform regular visual checks of the tires.

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