2022 New MICHELIN tires

On April 1, 2022, Michelin welcomed the press to talk to it about innovation. The opportunity to go back over two of the key elements in a tire’s performance and present its three new car, motorbike and bicycle tires.

Some will say that the future is not lacking in challenges.
At Michelin, we prefer to say that it is not lacking in opportunities.

Michelin, well known for the longevity of its tires, does not satisfy itself with its leadership, but always pushes this performance ever further. Less wear means travelling more miles while using less material. This effort is one of our levers in favor of sustainable mobility.
Philippe Jacquin
Car and Motorcycle Development Director

The pandemic radically changed our approach to movement and mobility. The population has become aware that the freedom to be able to move must be a fundamental right.
Laure Perramond
Consumer Engagement Director


Materials / Design / Tires

Michelin places innovation at the heart of its strategy to overcome the challenges inherent in more-sustainable mobility.

Tire materials

The choice and measurement of the materials is essential to give each tire the properties it requires to satisfy driver expectations and the conditions of use.

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Tire design

Just as for the materials used, the design is a determining element in tire performance. We’ll tell you why.

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The 3 new MICHELIN tires for 2022

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5, MICHELIN Road 6 and MICHELIN Power Cup tires: the three major new tires for 2022, for mobility that is ever more sustainable.

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The high points of the day

A look back at the moments that marked this Michelin press event, through presentations and workshops, to demonstrate its three new tires for 2022, which are perfect illustrations of the Group’s innovation strategy.

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