Construction began in November 2016 and is now complete. The site is fully operational. Raising these five buildings from the ground was a herculean task, as each is the equivalent of nine football fields and the total area covered by the center is just over 3 million square meters.


Woodruff U70 will accommodate over 4 million tires a year with a unique automated system for the most efficient distribution to all our customers in North America.


That is the main strategic goal of infrastructure like this: guarantee better product availability by consolidating our stocks in one site, in the southwest of the United States.


Thanks to its unique automated system, a first in Michelin’s supply chain network, the site will be capable of processing over 200,000 tires a day, 24/7, with turnarounds of 100 to 120 trucks per day. This represents a capacity of up to 550 trucks serving nearly 3 million customers!


These performances have been made possible thanks to the hard work of the entire U70 Michelin team. The site work began last year.


The installation of the automated system was also completed in 2018 and today has 16 operational robots and 29 cranes.


The Systems team has implemented two important digital elements in the architecture: the warehouse management system (WM6) and the stock management system (YMS).


Finally, in line with our sustainability commitments, barcodes, scanners RFID chips and computers have replaced all paper. U70 is the group’s first genuinely paper-free site.

U70 is today an illustration of Michelin’s expertise in distribution and an important stage in improving Michelin’s entire supply chain for all of our sites.


Compliance with the highest environmental standards

In line with the Michelin group’s pledge to be a leader in sustainable mobility, environmental preservation is key to the U70 project.

The installation covers a little under 190 hectares of which only 20% are protected wetlands. We are working to protect the different plants and animals that populate these wetlands.

The buildings are certified LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, the North American standard for high quality environmental buildings created by the US Green Building Council. One of the other noteworthy elements on the site are the hydrogen-powered forklifts, a reliable and efficient alternative to regular fuel that is emission-free.

U70 Environment Features

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