A goal of 160 million connected tires by 2024! Just as it has already been doing for several years with its B2B customers (primarily for Trucks and Earth Movers), Michelin now intends to accelerate the pace of connectivity for its products, including those offered to the general public and, more specifically, to motorists.


Pascal Zammit, Director of Connected Mobility Solutions for the Michelin Group

A significant growth potential

“Just like connected objects can be found everywhere today, we need to make tires talk more! The increase in network capacity (with 5G and other technologies), the rise of electronics and the growth in Artificial Intelligence are opening up new avenues for innovation. It is this convergence of technologies that is enabling us to develop new services and connected solutions that promote more sustainable, safer and more accessible mobility for all,” explains Pascal Zammit, Director of Connected Mobility Solutions for the Michelin Group. Because they are the only part of a vehicle in contact with the ground, tires can provide a wealth of information throughout their lifetime. They therefore offer significant growth potential in terms of services and solutions and overall travel experiences.

An entity dedicated specifically to connected mobility

The opportunity for Michelin to conquer new markets was further unlocked last April with the formation of an entity dedicated specifically to connected mobility within the Services and Solutions Business Line. The aim of the Business Venture Connected Mobility entity, as it is called, is to accelerate the development of new data services. The team has already recorded a number of significant achievements, including the first MICHELIN Track Connect Pro connected tires for the Formula E World Championship and the first deliveries of original equipment tires that can connect using RFID technology. “Through its ‘entrepreneurial’ approach, backed by its combined skills in digital technology, the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Services and so on, all organized around our customers, this entity drives faster innovation and provides the Michelin Group with a greater ability to develop new solutions,” says Zammit. However, reliable data and knowing how to use it are still crucial! “We have brought together the best data experts, who are specialists in the use of tires, vehicles and road conditions. This allows us to develop and deploy new services to our customers in an agile way,” Zammit adds.

A long-standing expertise, now digitalized

Beyond its widely recognized expertise in the field of connected B2B solutions for fleet management, Michelin is gaining unparalleled expertise in understanding how vehicles and tires are used and is using this to enhance the mobility experience. “This long-standing expertise, now digitalized and combined with a large amount of data capital, makes it easier for us to integrate ecosystems in which we can develop these new types of services in partnership. This is precisely why we have no hesitation in entering into strategic partnerships or even making targeted acquisitions,” continues Zammit. Specific examples of this include Nextraq, Sascar and Masternaut, enabling Michelin to manage more than one million connected vehicles today. “These new services, developed around our expertise in usage, allow us to reach out to new customers, such as insurance companies, vehicle navigation service providers, mobility platforms, road infrastructure manufacturers, designers of autonomous vehicle solutions or infrastructure maintenance services.” There is no doubt that Michelin is making the shift to connected mobility. “We are at the epicenter of the digital transformation that our Group is well on the way to achieving,” Zammit concludes.

A few examples of connected solutions marketed by Michelin

  • Michelin connected solutions

  • MICHELIN Track Connect

  • MEMS™ Evolution 4

  • Truckfly

  • MICHELIN Track Connect
  • MEMS™ Evolution 4
  • Truckfly
  • To improve safety and provide peace of mind
    • MICHELIN Quickscan technology , which, thanks to more regular and reliable inspection of truck tire wear, can help predict when maintenance is required, reduce the number of inspections and use tires to their full capacity.

    • MICHELIN Track Connect Pro for Formula E provides an automatic and reliable way to check both hot and cold tire pressure during a race using a sensor developed by Michelin.
  • For improved environmental friendliness
    • Zen@Terra allows farmers to easily adjust the tire pressure of their farm machinery in their tractor cab (central tire inflation) to suit the specific vehicle configuration and driving conditions: higher pressure when driving on the road and lower pressure when driving in their fields. This helps protect the soil, improves safety and optimizes vehicle and tire use.
  • For a better travel and driving experience
    • TruckFly, the free smartphone application specifically designed for truck drivers that allows them to easily locate all the truck stops and rest areas on their route (restaurants, parking areas, service stations, showers, etc.) to make their daily life easier all over Europe.
  • To improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ operations
    • MEMS™ Evolution 4 : A real-time tire monitoring platform (pressure and temperature) that also captures the usage conditions (distance, speed, acceleration, slope, etc.) and processes all this information to produce reports relevant to the mining activity. MEMS optimizes the Tonne Kilometer per Hour (TKpH) performance of each vehicle, a key indicator of a mine’s productivity, through the more efficient use of vehicles and tires.

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