Unveiled for the first time two years ago at the Movin'On sustainable mobility summit, Michelin's airless prototype tire, has taken another step forward, this time winning over the public. Mr. JWW and Gercollector, two automotive youtubers, were also able to test MICHELIN Uptis in real-life conditions on public roads. " Can’t wait to see it roll out on cars " , "amazing comfort": the MICHELIN Uptis tire definitely fulfilled its contract.

Mr JWW and Gercollector talk about their experience


Mr JWW and Gercollector talk about their experience


A positive feedback confirmed by Cyrille Roget, Michelin Group Technical and Scientific Communications Director: « our greatest satisfaction came at the end of the demonstration when our passengers said they felt no difference compared with conventional tires.»


MICHELIN Uptis, an illustration of MICHELIN's expertise in high-tech materials

The need for air is eliminated with a revolutionary structure capable of supporting the vehicle, while also delivering a safe, comfortable ride. This is a technological challenge that Michelin's R&D teams have been able to meet, thanks in particular to the Group's high level of expertise in high-tech materials. The Group intends to take advantage of this expertise acquired over more than 130 years to accelerate the development of new fields beyond tires.

Did you know ? MICHELIN Uptis also means benefits for the environment


*In-house “scrapyard” survey (2012-2015) based on a sample of 135,000 tires and extrapolated on a global scale (~1 billion end-of-life tires are discarded/year).

All about MICHELIN Uptis

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