Question: who, in 2018, was the best employee in America? Answer: Michelin! Last May, the Group won the award for “America’s Best Employer” from the famous Forbes magazine. It has been recognized as the nation’s best company to work for in America where it employs around 22,000 staff at 19 sites. And Michelin is the only non-American company in the 2018 edition’s top 10.

Coming 34th in 2017, the Michelin Group has shot up the rankings ahead of 499 companies with over 5,000 employees reputed for their quality of life at work, and counting among them Google (3rd) as well as SAP, Mastercard and Microsoft (respectively 19th, 20th and 25th).


These rankings were presented by Statista for the American business magazine, after surveying 30,000 Americans working for companies with at least 1,000 employees. Every year, they must score the probability of recommending their employer on a scale from 0 to 10. In 2018, Michelin was recommended by all its employees (or nearly all) as the Group achieved the exceptional score of 9.9/10!

Today, this ranking highlights Michelin’s efforts in recruitment and all the work already accomplished as an employer-brand in the United States.

We actively promote industrial careers.

David Stafford, Michelin’s HR Director for North America

The HR Director also highlights the company’s study scholarships and Youth Apprenticeship program for American school kids.

By appealing to the brightest students from their early years in higher education we are giving ourselves the best possible chances to get them back once they’ve graduated.

David Stafford


A success across the pond, closely tied to Michelin’s corporate culture and its commitment to sustainable development.


People want to be a part of a company that isn’t just about business.

David Stafford

The company’s corporate and social responsibility policy (CSR) is one of the Group’s strategic levers, directly managed by the supervisory board and the executive committee. For example, as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Michelin set itself the target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 2030 by 20%. These sustainability commitments are keenly observed by our American colleagues and Forbes journalists who also focus on Michelin’s actions in support of the Yellowstone Park Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund  (WWF). Michelin also encourages its employees to get involved in great causes. For 2020, the Group’s target for its employees is 30,000 workdays a year dedicated to local community activities. In 2016, the Group totaled over 31,600 days, testifying to the foresight of this initiative. In 2017, there were over 33,800 volunteer days for the same initiative including both personal and workdays and nearly 25,700 workdays. North America is the main contributor ahead of China and Europe, in equivalent proportions.

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