More than just tires, this is a complete, connected offer providing personalized, skilled advice for track (or road) on optimal tire pressure adjustment for all your “runs”! A world premiere on the road car market.


At your side before, during and after a run, MICHELIN Track Connect technology keeps you constantly informed of the pressure and temperature of each tire. Essential information to improve your performance.


Sensors fixed inside each tire give a precise measurement of inflation pressure and temperature. There is also the possibility of displaying evolutions in the handling of your car – under or oversteer – depending on analysis of developments in pressure balance between front and rear tires.


An innovative offer developed in close collaboration with true road car fans passionate about track driving: Michelin has gone out to meet members of motorsport clubs and collect their expectations in terms of improvements in both vehicle handling and performance, not forgetting, of course, driving sensation and pleasure.


For the development of MICHELIN Track Connect, the Michelin Group has also relied on the expertise of 2 start-ups: Exotics Systems for the receptor and Openiumfor the mobile application.


The MICHELIN Track Connect tire solution is compatible with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire, which has been developed exclusively for this offer, with 11 sizes available in 2018. Available in France, Germany and Switzerland.




Sensors placed in each tire measure pressure and temperature before transmitting the readings via a radio signal to a receptor placed in the vehicle, which then transmits them to a phone, using Bluetooth. This data is processed and then presented in a highly intuitive way, thanks to the interface of the mobile application previously installed on the Smartphone (iOs and Android).



Personalized advice, before, during and after a run


The Michelin Track Connect solution assists you before, during and after your run sessions. As if you had advice from Michelin engineers available all the time… Perfect to improve your performance.


  • Before : The application recommends the most suitable pressure for the vehicle and run conditions: dry track, damp track, wet track.
  • During: Track Connect gives real time information on the pressure and temperature of each of the four tires on your vehicle.
  • After: The information is stored and can be accessed after the session. Track Connect then indicates the adjustments to make before getting back on the track.



Developed in partnership with the startup Openium, which is specialized in the development of mobile applications, the Smartphone application (iOs and Android) Michelin Track Connect offers tire pressure optimization at your fingertips.



And depending on the driving conditions indicated (on road or track, in dry, damp or wet weather) lets you know whether you are in the optimal operational range for your tires.


  • "My runs " lets you consult your history and find all the information you need about your previous running sessions. Your sessions are listed by track.
  • "My garage" lets you declare and configure the vehicle or vehicles you have fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Connect tires. You can add or remove a vehicle at any time.
  • "Tracks" displays information on the various tracks that have been pre-loaded into the App. From this menu, you can also ask to be guided to the track that interests you.
  • "My profile" lists information about your account and the App version used, and above all puts you in direct contact with MICHELIN staff.
  • The "Start" button starts the connected run experience.



With Track Connect, Michelin increases its offer of connected tires still further, extending it to road vehicles. This is a “connected” offer that now deploys to every sector of transport.

Civil Engineering

In 2007, with MEMS®4, Michelin presented the latest generation of its management system for tires used in Civil Engineering and the mining industry: “a complete surveillance and reporting platform for tires and trucks, integrating vehicle cycle analysis.”

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At Le Bourget Air Show 2017, Michelin and Safran presented, as a world exclusive, the first connected tire for planes. The project, called “PresSense”, involves an electronic pressure sensor fitted directly into the tire and intended to facilitate maintenance operations on the ground.

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At the Solutrans show 2017, Michelin solutions presented four innovative digital services, designed to help drivers and fleet managers get the best from their fleet and their activities.

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