1.25 million ... this is the number of deaths on the roads around the world each year, to which we must add 50 million injured people. Beyond the long-lasting tire performance in terms of roadholding and braking, Michelin raises awareness of the best road safety practices among public authorities and populations.

Wherever the Group is present, road safety promotion programs are an important aspect of Michelin’s societal commitment.. Especially for the young people and, in particular, by training new drivers in emerging countries.

We express our commitments through a wide range of initiatives.

This is also true for China: 190,000 people attended the live performance of the Road Safety Theatre online (plus 5 million via social networks). A play that tells the story of couples whose travels are interrupted by road safety problems. The script is carefully written to highlight Road Safety's golden rules, such as:

"Check your tires"
"Do not send text messages while driving"




Also in Asia, but this time in Thailande, 2,000 helmets for drivers of motorized two-wheeled vehicles were distributed in Chaingmain.



In South Africa: 20 young Road Safety Ambassadors received training in partnership with the GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership).

Moreover, in the United States : 35 million people have already been made aware of the role of tires in safety during the "Beyond the Driving Test" campaign.





Total and Michelin, both players in global sustainable mobility, have come together to launch a major program on road safety for 10-18 year-olds through their corporate foundation.

The leading cause of death among 15-17 year olds, road accidents cause more than 227,000 deaths every year in children under 20 years old.
Determined to make tangible progress in mobility safety, the Total and Michelin Foundations have decided to combine their strengths to promote a road safety education program for 10-18 year olds.
This plan, developed with the support of the Global Road Safety Partnership, aims to reach 100,000 young people over 3 years. Total Foundation and the Michelin Corporate Foundation are jointly allocating 1.5 million euros to this initiative.
The initial phase of the program will target France, Cameroon and India. The idea is to expand rapidly to new countries, and to welcome new partners.
The Total and Michelin Foundations wish to make their solutions meet the reality’s requirements as closely as possible and to measure their impact, particularly through partnerships with local and regional educational communities, supported by Total and Michelin’s local branches.
As it targets 10-18 year olds, the program will be developed around an innovative digital platform to facilitate the deployment of educational materials to the community of teachers and educators.
This tool will also outline best practices and will be used to assess the relevance of the actions deployed. It is intended to become a customized tool to serve local communities.



Project EDWARD website


This week saw the launch of the 2018 Edward Project. Edward stands projet Edward. Edward for « European Day Without A Road Death project » - The European project for "a day without death on the roads”. The long-term goal of the initiative is to achieve a drastic and lasting reduction in the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads. A day of action, or rather, several days of action, and several initiatives across Europe initiated by the TIPSOL organization which brings together European police, including the French Gendarmerie, to improve safety on the roads.

An initiative with which Michelin is closely associated, as an event was organized at the Ladoux circuit in Clermont-Ferrand to raise awareness of these issues through an internal program called "Securiz'moi", supported by Sécurité Routière. Its aim is to make all 21,000 employees at the 19 sites in France aware of the main factors contributing to road accidents: phones, alcohol, speed, fatigue, etc. This is because, beyond the Michelin Group’s commitment, it is above all an individual commitment.

It is for this reason that anyone can sign the road safety petition for the Edward project right now. It is a personal commitment, so that one day there will be no more deaths on our roads.

By working together we can inspire a growing number of people to think about how they use the roads, the risks they face and the risks they may pose to others.

James Luckhurst, spokesperson for TISPOL

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