Some thoughts from Michelin’s CEO

Tomorrow, everything will be sustainable at Michelin. This conviction is the backbone of our vision as a company.
Une meilleure façon d’avancer

“A better way forward”

This is the shared purpose, embraced by all our employees, that imbues our everyday actions with meaning.

Our values

We act with respect: we share and uphold a strong set of deeply rooted values. These values are a backbone. The never-changing backbone of what we are, since day one.
Michelin marque mondiale

Michelin: A powerful global brand

With its extraordinary capital of trust and affinity, Michelin ranks among the world’s greatest brands. Its values — boldness, dedication and generosity — are reflected in both its words and actions.

The Michelin Quality Policy

Enhancing the mobility of people and goods requires an uncompromising attitude toward the safety and quality of every product and service.

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