The VISION Concept

A compelling illustration of Michelin’s sustainable development model

The VISION Concept: An unparalleled technological challenge

With VISION, Michelin has committed to meeting a huge challenge to make mobility safer, cleaner, more efficient and universally accessible.

Unveiled in 2017, the VISION concept comprises both a wheel and an airless tire. Biosourced, connected and featuring a renewable tread, VISION offers a compelling illustration of how Michelin’s sustainable development model will transform tires between now and 2050.

With VISION, Michelin has pledged to meet the dual challenge of innovation and environmental responsibility. This new concept is projecting us into the future of sustainable mobility and guiding our strategic decisions, in line with our values and our corporate DNA. More than just a vision of the future, it’s a roadmap whose feasibility, effectiveness and advancement Michelin will be demonstrating year after year.
Florent Menegaux
Group Michelin CEO

4 key characteristics

The VISION concept guides and inspires the work of Michelin’s R&D teams. Packed with innovations in terms of structure, high-tech materials and related services, it is already protected by 19 patents.

Airless: a technology that eliminates the risk of flats and rapid pressure loss and reduces environmental impact

VISION eliminates the need for air with a revolutionary structure capable of supporting the vehicle, maintaining wheel strength and delivering a safe, comfortable ride. The Michelin UPTIS prototype unveiled in 2019 is proof of the progress made by Michelin in high-tech materials.

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Rechargeable: a tread that can be 3D printed on demand

VISION can be “recharged” using a 3D printer, which makes it possible to adjust the amount of rubber compound used and customize the tread pattern according to the needs of each motorist.

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Connected: for a safe and personalized augmented driving experience

Equipped with numerous sensors, VISION benefits from the best connectivity technologies available, laying the foundation for a new era in service, comfort and safety for motorists.

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100% Sustainable: disruptive innovation in biosourced and recycled materials

Manufactured from biosourced and recycled materials, VISION leverages the high-tech materials expertise of Michelin and its partners to achieve the objective of 100% sustainable materials by 2050. The tire’s lifecycle ensures that its environmental footprint is minimal.

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An elegant conception of the future and technology

In addition to its technical features, VISION also makes a lasting impression because of its appearance. Both futuristic and elegant, its avant-garde design has attracted international recognition, notably winning the Best of the Best Award at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in Singapore in 2018.

Biomimetics: Drawing inspiration from nature

In the ideation phase of the VISION concept, Michelin researchers thought far outside the box by extensively exploring the relationship between nature and the mass production of man-made objects. They focused in particular on the natural processes that precede the blooming of a plant, the growth of an animal or the formation of a mineral.

In the same way that a seed germinates, sprouts and forms, revealing a shape, a color and chemical properties, VISION was designed as a natural object.
Its birth, growth, renewal and even its end of life are all part of a process that does not harm the environment.


A concept in line with Michelin’s “4R Strategy”

A firm believer that innovation should benefit the environment, Michelin has adopted a circular economy approach known as the “4R Strategy” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew). This strategy guides not only Michelin’s research and innovation, but also its partnerships and its participation in the overall sustainable mobility ecosystem. The aim is to offer products and services that are environmentally responsible throughout their life cycle. VISION is perfectly aligned with this approach.

VISION’s tread can be adapted to each user’s needs by applying just the right amount of rubber compound. The recharging solution based on 3D printing reduces the amount of energy and materials required to create a new tread.

VISION is made from a sustainable structure that can be reused, thereby helping to preserve the world’s natural resources.

VISION incorporates a wide variety of non-petroleum-based renewable components, derived from wood chips, straw and orange peel. The natural rubber used in its composition is sourced solely from eco-responsible suppliers.

VISION includes materials recycled from tires or household waste, such as crumb rubber, aluminum cans and plastic waste.


Concept tire : our vision of the future

At the Movin'On international summit on sustainable mobility held in Montreal last June, Michelin unveiled a concept tire that illustrates its vision of the mobility of the future in a combination of groundbreaking technologies and services.
Pneus recyclés Michelin

MICHELIN Visionary Concept

Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we innovate passionately to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly
The Vision Concept Team

VISION concept voted “Best of the Best”

On September 28, 2018 in Singapore, Michelin received the “Best of the Best” award from Red Dot for its VISION concept. This is a genuine recognition for the Group’s designers whose work, at the service of innovation, often remains in the shadows. Here we put it under the spotlight.

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