Our innovation program, originally dubbed "Suggestions" and now known as "InnovaGo," gives all Group staff the opportunity to spontaneously get involved in Michelin's activities, progress and business at any time.


Everyone is welcome to submit progressive or innovative ideas that could solve a problem or improve our ways of doing things.


The results show that the program has been making steady progress in the Group. In 2017, more than 59,000 ideas were submitted and 27,275 of them were directly applied.


Those improvements are constructive: In 2017 alone, they generated estimated savings of €24.5 million for the Group and earned their authors €2.1 million in rewards. A historic record!


2017 also marked the 90th anniversary of the program, which was launched in 1927. In honor of the occasion, the "Progressive Idea Awards" were held in Clermont-Ferrand on June 1, 2017, with a ceremony attended by 250 people from all the sites involved in the program.


The members of the Executive Committee and Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard spoke about their commitment to and support for the program.


The event also provided an opportunity to recognize all the idea creators, managers, experts, contacts and facilitators involved in the program and to recognize the best ideas in each category: working conditions, diversity, economics, environment, quality, safety, customer service and non-industrial activities.





With the InnovaGO program everyone can spontaneously put forward their ideas at any time. The 2020 target is to encourage and collect 100,000 progressive and innovative ideas.


About 66,000 employees already have access to this program to express their innovative ideas on products, services, working conditions, diversity, savings, the environment, quality and safety.





Innov'UP collaborative innovation challenges stimulate Michelin employees' creativity by encouraging them to find ideas for new products and services. These challenges, which focus on a targeted issue, are initiated by a business entity's management team and may be open to everyone in the Group, regardless of their job or country.

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