Since 2021 when we revealed our “Michelin in Motion” strategic plan towards 2030, we have delivered a high performance despite a very challenging and uncertain context. These achievements demonstrate the relevance of our strategy and we see these challenges as positive for Michelin as they reveal our differentiation. Our future success will come from our ability to further improve our tire activities structural performance, and to genuinely develop in new markets Around and Beyond tire.”
Florent Menegaux - President
Michelin’s performance of the last two years puts us in good shape towards the targets we had set for 2023.Looking at our 2030 strategic ambition, we are making strong progress towards on our three pillars People, Profit and Planet. Our growth will be both organic and external, and our M&A track record over the past 5 years makes us confident in our ability to pursue our strategy.”
Yves Chapot - Chief Financial Officer

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