2030 Vision & 2023 Targets

With tires, around tires, beyond tires

Accueil journée investisseurs



1/ Michelin: our unique, sustainable identity

(Adeline Challon-Kemoun, Jean-Claude Pats)

2/ 2016-2020 Achievements: successes, challenges and takeaways

(Florent Menegaux, Yves Chapot)

3/ The New Post-Covid Mobility World in Tires: aligned with Upcoming Trends

(Scott Clark, Bénédicte de Bonnechose, Serge Lafon and Jean-Christophe Guérin)

4/ Leveraging our Innovation Capabilities to Deliver New Growth Avenues

(Sonia Artinian-Fredou, Lorraine Frega, Eric Philippe Vinesse)

5/ 2030 Vision 2023 financial Targets: combining ambitious growth targets, ESG leadership and value creation

(Florent Menegaux, Yves Chapot)

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