Change in dividend per share for the period

During its 2023 Annual General Meeting, Michelin will propose a €1.25/share dividend for fiscal year 2022 to all shareholders, representing a 11% increase, and a payout ratio of 44.4% of net income. It reflects the Group's confidence in its ability to deliver its Michelin In Motion strategic plan, and to raise gradually a ratio towards 50% in 2030.

Pay-out ratio of consolidated net incomes

Practical information

Payment procedure


If your shares are directly registered with the Company (nominatif pur), the dividend will be paid automatically by Société Générale Securities Services, without any fees.


If your shares are indirectly registered (nominatif administré), the dividend will be paid by the bank or broker managing your account, under its own terms and conditions.


If ownership rights are divided between usufructuaries and bare owners (démembrement), the dividend will be paid to the usufructuaries.

In the case of ownership in common (indivision), the dividend will be paid to each tenant in common pro-rata to his or her percentage of ownership.

2022 dividend calendar

  • May 12, 2023: Annual General Meeting
  • May 19, 2023: Payment date

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