Innovation at the service of sustainable mobility

Innovation is in the Michelin Group’s DNA. She’s at the heart of his strategy because Michelin has a real conviction: innovation, whatever the source, it’s a fundamental driver of his development and a tremendous engine for competitiveness and sustainability.


In 2020, the new technological advances have made it possible to launch 7 new tire ranges to sustainably increase their performance in terms of safety, longevity, profitability and environmental footprint.

The MICHELIN e. PRIMACY tire, when vision becomes reality

On November 5, 2020 Michelin unveiled his all-new eco-responsible tire, made to endure MICHELIN e.PRIMACY, a new illustration of his “All-sustainable vision”.

  • The Group marks a major step forward by unveiling this new tire:
    It is the first MICHELIN tire to be eco-designed on the basis of a life-cycle analysis,
  • It is the first tire on the market for which an environmental product declaration (EPDepd) has been published,
  • It is the first CO₂ -neutral MICHELIN tire at the time of purchase (*).


The MICHELIN e.PRIMACY is designed for drivers of city cars, sedans and compact SUVs, and is produced as close as possible to its markets in Western Europe.


(*) Carbon neutral at the time of purchase – Michelin has reduced the CO emissions from its production plants by 25% since 2010 and is aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. A portion of the carbon credits that Michelin is earning by helping to finance projects designed to absorb or avoid carbon emissions will be used to offset the residual emissions from the production of MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tires (from raw materials extraction to customer delivery). This program is being carried out in partnership with the Livelihoods Carbon Funds, which finance projects to replant trees or install less energy-intensive cookstoves in a number of countries around the world.

The MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tire, when vision becomes reality

Automobile awards

On December 3, 2020, just one month after the presentation of this new product, the MICHELIN e.PRIMACY tire won the jury’s votes and the heart of the jury with the “Best tire of the year” award as well as the “Jury’s Favorite” award in the “Green Innovation” category of the 2020 automobile Awards 2020.

Find below the decryption with Scott Clark, Automotive Business Director, Motorsport Experiences, Americas Regions - Member of the Michelin Group Executive Committee and Cyrille Roget, Director of Scientific and Technical Communications at Michelin speaking on MICHELIN e.PRIMACY.

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