The Group unveiled its new “Michelin in Motion” strategic plan and its “All Sustainable” ambitions for 2030. This approach aims to strike a balance between human, environmental, and economic priorities. 

We want to generate stronger sustainable growth and create value that balances people, the planet, and economic performance. With the new “Michelin in Motion” strategic plan, the Group is embarking on an ambitious growth path for the next 10 years. Though we’re staying true to our core mission, we plan to strongly alter the Group’s identity by 2030 by expanding to new high-added-value activities around and beyond tires.
Florent Menegaux, Group Michelin CEO


Michelin is convinced that beyond financial issues, a company's future will also depend on its ability to place environmental, social and societal issues at the heart of its decisions. This “All Sustainable” equilibrium, which Michelin first presented in 2019, now includes clear and ambitious targets.

Michelin has set two priorities that complement its economic growth and performance targets: encouraging the development and fulfillment of its employees and better protecting the planet.

IN, AROUND and BEYOND the tire

In the tire business, Michelin will continue to expand, invest and innovate. Changes in mobility in the post-Covid-19 period and the acceleration of the electric vehicle market represent a real opportunity for growth. 

Michelin intends to remain benchmark by capitalizing on the differentiation of its products and services. 


Thanks to the capacity for innovation and the knowledge of materials and their usagesMichelin has the ambition to develop in 5 sectors around and beyond tires: 

  • Services & Solutions : In the Services & Solutions activities, Michelin will continue to develop and enrich its solutions for fleets by relying mainly on smart objects and the valuation of the data collected. 
  • Flexible Composites : Michelin wishes to grow in the Flexible Composites markets (conveyors, belts, coated fabrics, seals, etc.) by pursuing its policy of value-creating mergers and acquisitions as well as the incubation of new business. 
  • Medical : The medical sector is also a growth opportunity for the coming years. 
  • Metal 3D Printing : Thanks to a unique expertise, Michelin will continue to develop and offer a full range of tailor-made solutions for the industry within AddUp, the joint venture with Fives. 
  • Hydrogen Mobility : In Hydrogen Mobility, Michelin wants to become a world leader in hydrogen fuel cell systems through Symbio, the joint venture with Faurecia.​​​​​ 



A dedicated page has been created for the Strategic plan of Michelin on website. It features a number of replayable videos that review the day’s presentations and offer insight into the following themes, which are going to drive the Group’s sustainable growth:  

  • Metal 3D Printing: a unique offering in a very high-potential market  
  • Hydrogen: becoming a global player in hydrogen mobility 


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