Through its "Michelin in Motion" strategic plan and its "All Sustainable" ambitions for 2030, Michelin has set an ambitious growth for the next ten years: In TiresAround Tires and Beyond Tires.


Illustration of the “Beyond Tire” growth strategy

INSIGHTS The high-tech materials BUSINESS

The materials expertise developed by Michelin researchers over the past 130 years is being applied in many areas and markets.

Manufacturing a flexible composite, of which the tire is the most successful expression, requires designing, arranging and applying materials with very specific know-how.


Thanks to the exceptional properties that Michelin knows how to give them, the field of application of these flexible composites is very broad:

- critical components such as seals or transmission belts

- high value-added adhesives, resins and glues,

- sustainable, bio-based or recycled materials.


These are also specific flexible composites that allow the combination of oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity, in the hydrogen fuel cells developed by Symbio.


Flexible composites also have many possible applications in the medical sector.


In each of these areas, Michelin is pursuing its policy of acquisitions and partnerships to do better and faster.


To find out more about our strategy beyond tires

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