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Motion for life

Motion for life

Motion is the very essence of life. At Michelin, we believe that nothing can stop us from moving. Offering everyone a better way forward is our corporate mission. Our “All Sustainable” approach is constantly pushing us to find solutions capable of fostering an optimal balance between personal fulfillment, economic development, and safeguarding the planet and its inhabitants. Leveraging our unrivaled capabilities, we’re innovating to help humanity conquer new frontiers and live a better life on the move.

« Thanks to its innovation capabilities, Michelin is and always will be a source of solutions. »

Chief Executive Officer, Michelin Group

Michelin at a glance

The technology leader in tires for all forms of mobility, Michelin offers services that improve transportation performance and solutions that enable customers to enjoy outstanding experiences while on the road. In addition to supporting mobility, Michelin serves future-facing markets with its unrivaled capabilities and expertise in high-tech materials.

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