A mission defined in three key areas

  • Create Value for the Michelin Group: 2019’s retail sales value of US$ 480M shows that the licensing business resonates with our target consumers and works very well financially for the group. Despite this success we are totally focussed on our goal of extending categories and exploring new markets to reach $1BN in retail sales by 2025.
  • Engaging the consumer: Keeping Michelin “top of mind” is key, MLL products reached over 30 million touch points in 2019 extending our reach into new product categories which are more emotionally engaging for consumers. This contributes to brand loyalty and positive purchasing experiences through different channels, showing Michelin to be more than just tyres.To keep the consumer at the heart of operations we take all consumer reviews from global retailer sites monthly. We are very proud to boast a Net Promoter Score of over 60% - we know our consumers are extremely satisfied and are likely to retain that positivity when considering tyre purchases.
  • Supporting the brand: MLL directly supports the premise that Michelin is so much more than tyres. Our products support the commercial offers of the business lines and are continually evolving to create a truly wholistic ‘Michelin Experience’ across categories of lifestyle, mobility and high-tech materials. A clear example of how MLL supports the brand is that during 2019 our licensees invested over €10M in advertising and promotion of the brand, bringing the world of Michelin closer to a previously inaccessible group of potential customers.


Michelin Lifestyle products’ categories

MLL’s licensed products have already established a strong global presence in vehicle accessories, a natural extension of our automotive expertise and credibility. Its mission now is to develop and blend these functional categories to access the more emotional stories of the brand and to show that Michelin is so much more than tyres. Work has already begun into new categories through our successful “Soles by Michelin” programme. A series of collaborations with global technical footwear partners looking to differentiate their products with Michelin technology is going from strength to strength whilst introducing the brand to new consumers and new distribution. Driven by the same mission and purpose, MLL has also established strong relationships with licensees in gifts and collectibles, toys and games and mobility solutions.

  • Lifestyle products

  • Netoyeur haute pression

  • Babolat soles
  • Collectors
  • Camper Soles
  • Etnies Soles
  • Garage
  • Compressor
  • Pressure washer

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