Michelin Lifestyle Limited has 60 licenses with partner companies that sold 16.5 million products in more than 85 countries and 45,000 sales locations in 2017, including major retailers, independent retailers and tire dealerships.

Shoes and boots 

Michelin Lifestyle has renewed its partnership with tennis equipment maker Babolat.


The companies have teamed up to develop the innovative Michelin Performance tennis shoe, featuring soles directly inspired by rally tires and designed to enhance players' comfort and grip while lasting longer.


Michelin has also partnered with boot manufacturer Le Chameau. The companies have developed a line of innovative, high-performance natural rubber boots to meet rural needs. These boots feature distinctive soles that combine Michelin's expertise in agricultural tires with Le Chameau's unique savoir-faire.

And more...

The Michelin Lifestyle Limited range of licensed products is extremely extensive, from safety items like Easy Grip composite snow chains to Michelin Man T-shirts and historic advertising reprints.

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