Michelin: a pioneer in metal-additive manufacturing

Since 2006, the Group has been working to develop a unique level of expertise design and mass production of complex parts and molds using metal-additive manufacturing. That expertise is now applied to the design and production of sipe molds for products like the MICHELIN Road 5 motorcycle tire tread design.


We have also been applying this technology to different truck and car tire ranges for several years now, particularly the MICHELIN CrossClimate and MICHELIN X Line Energy lines.

Focus on AddUp:

AddUp, an integrated startup and joint-venture by Fives and Michelin, brings customers industrial 3D metal printing solutions, with a holistic offer focused on three activities:


  • "Machines & equipment": Machine design and manufacturing and full production workshop integration, from powder management to finished parts (the FormUp offer, etc.).
  • AddUp Start: services to get product industrialization up and running, including redesign of parts, through printing proof of concept (POC) parts. AddUp Start, which is segmented by industry, offers dedicated support for companies of all kinds.
  • AddUp Think: training and consulting to support companies every step of the way.


AddUp takes a unique industrial approach, carefully tailored to the needs of each customer in the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, luxury, or other industries.



AddUp accelerated its development in 2018


  • AddUp expanded its metal additive manufacturing technology portfolio with its 100 percent acquisition of BeAM, a Strasbourg-based company.
    BeAM's DED (Directed Energy Deposition) technology complements the  laser beam melting technology perfected by AddUp.
  • AddUp has also acquired a majority stake in Poly-shape to expand its offer and meet occasional needs for parts production and small series and prototypes. Poly-shape is recognized for its expertise, particularly in auto racing. 
  • For mass production of parts, AddUp supports its customers whether they choose to invest and produce parts in their own workshops or prefer to have their parts produced for them by the AddUp Community network.

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