A responsible employer

Over 110,000 people of 120 different nationalities work in the Michelin Group. This diversity is enriching and a source of creativity. Respect for individuals, development, dialogue, passion and confidence are the bedrock of relations between the Company and its employees.

Acting as a responsible global employer

The number of employees working in the Group are 111.681 in 2015. Temporary contract workers only represent 4.4% of Group employees.
The company's social responsibility is reflected in its policy with respect to social benefits. In regards to health insurance, life and disability insurance and pensions, Michelin tops up national systems to grant benefits that are comparable in most countries in which the group is located.
To improve well-being in the workplace, Michelin contributes to the introducing activities and services that help employees to balance their working and private lives and guard against stress.

Moving Forward Together

Michelin is convinced that the Company's performance and the professional success of each of its members go hand-in-hand. Launched in 2011, Moving Forward Together reaffirms the values that drive the Group, presenting both the Group's commitments and those it expects from its employees.

Michelin: a responsible employer

From the time of hiring, a career path is mapped out beyond the initial position

Michelin wants its employees to find personal fulfilment in the performance of their responsibilities and assesses each individual within the perspective of a career path. Its training policy enables all employees to develop throughout their professional careers, contributing to Group performance. Personal growth and internal mobility are Group priorities.

Ongoing aim for 100% health and safety

Michelin has rolled out an active health and safety policy, aimed at preventing risks that could have a negative impact on employees' health, safety and ability to work.

Expanding diversity

Michelin views diversity both as a quality that reveals values and an asset for innovation. Through its multi-action program, the Group promotes open-mindedness and combats judgment of values. Priority has been given to encouraging women to join the company, especially at management level, as well as to the emergence of local management, in particular in developing areas.

In addition, Michelin has a proactive policy of employing handicapped people, helping with retirement and organizing multi-generational cohabitation.

Empowering Organizations

Trust, self-management and personal growth nurture the commitment required to drive sustainable performance. By introducing empowering organizations, Michelin wishes to develop the autonomy of each employee, enabling them to find fulfilment in their work and develop overall performance.

This type of performance is based on more delegation, versatility, cooperation, mutual support and responsibility for production operators on their stations both within teams and at all levels of the plant. All production teams now operate in OR mode.

One of our principles is to give responsibility to the person who carries out a given task because he knows a lot about the question. In addition, this often makes him realize that he has capabilities that he didn’t know he had and enables him to move forward.

Edouard Michelin (1928)

Dialogue, communication and listening

The Group has confirmed its intention to develop social dialogue as part of a new momentum to transform it into a performance lever. To promote access to information and exchanges, Michelin is developing a wide variety of internal supports and applications to facilitate communication. The first opportunity to dialogue with all employees has been a global opinion survey entitled "Moving Forward Together: Your Voice for Action", measuring how employees feel about their work and their level of engagement. The study is repeated on a yearly basis in order to track developments in employees' perceptions and measure the effects of actions carried out.

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Workplace safety and diversity


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"Moving Forward Together, Your Voice for Action"


Dare to trust

Michelin Empowering Organizations

Michelin Empowering Organizations: Dare to trust