Production facilities

Michelin has 111,200 employees worldwide of 120 different nationalities and produces over 171 million tires in 67 sites in 17 countries.

Datas at December, 31st, 2013.

Key figures

A worldwide economic player

Michelin contributes to social and economic activity in 170 countries.

Did you know?

Early global presence

Michelin was looking for new markets as early as the beginning of the 20th century. The 1900 Guide already mentions two agents in Belgium and Austria. Michelin then went on to create a network of commercial agencies in Italy (1901), Germany (1902), Switzerland (1902), Spain (1904), New York (1904) and England (1905). The first plant outside France was built in Turin, Italy in 1906, next to the Fiat factory. The visionary Michelin brothers then chose the United States for their second plant abroad, built in Milltown (New Jersey) in 1907.