Governance of the innovation process

A new group-level governance of the innovation process was set up in 2012 with the creation of the Corporate Innovation Board. It sets the course for Company strategy in this area and chooses the priorities for innovation in order to ensure resources and energy are channeled into value-creating innovations.

Supervisory board: overseeing innovation

The Board's roles

The Corporate Innovation Board has two roles:

  • define the Group's innovation strategy from a cross-functional perspective
  • direct the innovation ecosystem's vitality to optimize its strength  throughout the Company

In so doing, Michelin opens up fresh opportunities to:

  • expand its resources and methods
  • focus its efforts on its research priorities
  • seek customer and market feedback on projects as early as possible in order to speed up innovation and maintain alignment on requirementsstep up efforts in the materials field, since its integration feeds the Group's progress in technology and value creation. 

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Innovation priorities