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The MICHELIN Guide announces a new national Austrian selection in 2025.

The MICHELIN Guide unveiled today a new page of its history with Austria, with an upcoming 2025 national selection.

  • The MICHELIN Guide is partnering with the Austrian National Tourist Office and 8 Austrian regional tourism associations, for the launch of a new national Austrian selection.

  • The upcoming MICHELIN Guide Austria selection will be released in January 2025.

  • This project underscores the rise of Austria as a captivating, global destination with great diversity, ranging from restaurants to hotels, from dazzling urban areas to regional wonders.

The Guide’s famously anonymous inspectors have been deep-diving into the Austrian culinary landscape since 1983 with the reveal of the very first Vienna selection, followed by Salzburg in 1986.

Since 2010, Vienna and Salzburg have been part of the MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe edition, but since the Covid-19 crisis, starting in 2020, the Guide decided to highlight each destination of the Main Cities of Europe selection individually and stop producing this collective edition. With the increasing potential of the gastronomic offer in Central and Eastern Europe, the Guide’ scope extended (from a Budapest selection to a global Hungarian one for instance).

Gourmets and food lovers of the first hour will remember the first national edition of the MICHELIN Guide Austria, printed from 2005 to 2009. Committed to highlighting world-class destinations on a long-term basis, the MICHELIN Guide has started a partnership with the Austrian National Tourist Office and 8 regional tourism associations, to ensure the deployment of marketing and promotional activities to a worldwide audience with a sustainable economic approach.

"These past few years, the positioning of Austria as an appealing, global destination has been hard to miss, with the rise of its culinary and hospitality offer country-wide, conjugating the authenticity of the diverse regions and effervescent urban areas. My inspectors were delighted to begin in-depth field work to highlight the wonders of the entire country and the excellency of hospitality in all its dimensions, thanks to highly-talented professionals,” commented Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “With this national selection, we are underlining, more than ever, how appealing Austria is for discerning travelers looking for unforgettable moments. Thanks to the ambition and unwavering passion of the local talents, one can enjoy a varied gastronomic journey, from regional Beisl specialties such as Tafelspitz, Nockerl and Kaiserschmarrn, to more contemporary and cosmopolitan influences. Our famously anonymous inspectors have enlarged their scope, from Vienna and Salzburg to every region; seeking the best culinary gems and the most exciting discoveries to share. From now on, a weekend break in Austria will no longer suffice.”

MICHELIN works with Destination Marketing Organizations and tourism boards to promote the tourism industry in their respective locations. However, The MICHELIN Guide’s selection process remains completely independent, as its teams of anonymous inspectors are fully in charge of making the selections. The MICHELIN Guide only partners with the Austrian National Tourist Office and eight regional tourism associations for marketing and promotional activities.

"With the introduction of the national Austrian selection of the MICHELIN Guide, we are making the many facets of Austria as a culinary destination even more visible internationally,” declared Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger, CEO of the Austrian National Tourist Office. “We are convinced that the entire Austrian tourism industry will benefit from this from regional inns to urban culinary hotspots. My special thanks go to the regional tourism associations Niederösterreich Werbung, Oberösterreich Tourismus, Burgenland Tourismus, Kärnten Werbung, Steiermark Tourismus, SalzburgerLand Tourismus,Tirol Werbung, Vorarlberg Tourismus and the gastronomy industry representation in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, with whom we made this project possible in the first place.”

Since its creation in 1900, the MICHELIN Guide has been committed to offering the best recommendations of hotels and restaurants to gourmets and travelers, and to highlighting the inspiring work of talented professionals worldwide. Particularly famous for its unique historical methodology, based on 5-criteria (quality of the ingredients; mastery of the cooking techniques; harmony of the flavors; personality of the chef as expressed in the cuisine and consistency both through time and the menu as a whole), and its teams of inspectors, who are experts as curious as they are open-minded, the Guide has never compromised on the quality of its recommendations; endlessly adapting to the current era.

In order to maintain this level of quality and reliability, considering this ambitious geographical extension, and as the specificities of Austria (such as regions marked with seasonal openings in winter, for instance) the new MICHELIN Guide Austria selection will be unveiled in January 2025. There will be exceptionally, no 2024 vintage in Vienna and Salzburg. Nevertheless, all the restaurants highlighted in 2023 will remain online on the MICHELIN Guide’s website and mobile app.

From Selected restaurants to MICHELIN Stars, Bib Gourmand (for the most exceptional value-for-money experiences), MICHELIN Green Star (highlighting restaurants at the forefront of sustainable practices) and outstanding hotels, the wait will be well worth the wonderful celebration of Austria’s outstanding gastronomy and hospitality.

The MICHELIN Guide Austria 2025 will be available online on the MICHELIN Guide’s website and mobile app, available for free on iOS and Android. In addition to restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide will list a hotel selection featuring the most exciting, unique places to stay in Austria and throughout the world. The selection gives prominence to over 6,000 hotels in more than 130 countries, with options across a range of budgets. Each hotel is chosen by the MICHELIN Guide experts for its extraordinary style, service and personality, and each may be booked directly through The MICHELIN Guide website and app.

The MICHELIN Guide has always been a benchmark in gastronomy. Now it’s setting a new standard for hotels. Visit The MICHELIN Guide website or download the free app for iOS and Android to discover every restaurant in the selection and to book an unforgettable stay.

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