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MICHELIN Guide 2024 - İstanbul, İzmir, Bodrum - A new MICHELIN Sommelier Award

A total of 111 restaurants are recommended, including 15 in İzmir and 19 in Bodrum

  • 2 restaurants in Bodrum and 3 restaurants in İzmir are awarded One MICHELIN Star; 2 new establishments are also honored in İstanbul

  • 4 new committed restaurants receive the MICHELIN Green Star

  • A new MICHELIN Award is presented: the MICHELIN Sommelier Award

Michelin is pleased to present the new selection of restaurants to appear in the İstanbul, İzmir, Bodrum MICHELIN Guide. In total, the Michelin inspectors recommend 111 establishments, including – for the first time – 15 in İzmir and 19 in Bodrum. Of these, 3 restaurants in İzmir and 2 in Bodrum are awarded One MICHELIN Star, while 8 receive a Bib Gourmand (2 in Bodrum and 6 in İzmir). In İstanbul, 25 restaurants are also newly joining the selection or are being promoted, including 2 restaurants being awarded One MICHELIN Star and 8 receiving the Bib Gourmand. This brings the total number of recommended restaurants in İstanbul to 77.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide, states, “Once again this year, our inspectors were impressed with İstanbul's culinary scene. A cosmopolitan city with a complex character, İstanbul offers a remarkably rich gastronomic panorama, from classic Turkish taverns to trendy, international establishments to modern, casual restaurants. This second selection – which features 24 new restaurants, including 2 new One MICHELIN Star, dotted throughout the city – also illustrates a rise in gastronomic standards driven by a generation of daring chefs who are proud of their traditions.”

“Our teams particularly appreciated the differences between İzmir and Bodrum, two cities making a remarkable entry into the MICHELIN Guide family. Local roots, loyalty to the terroir, and strong links with local producers are common features shared by many of the recommended restaurants in and around İzmir. That commitment is demonstrated by the attribution of the MICHELIN Green Star to no fewer than 3 of the area's restaurants. Bodrum, for its part, offers an interesting gastronomic complementarity: upscale and international spots flourish on the coast, while the downtown area features small, independent restaurants that are particularly picturesque and affordable,” continues Gwendal Poullennec.

The MICHELIN Guide İstanbul, İzmir, Bodrum at a glance

111 recommended restaurants (77 in İstanbul, 15 in İzmir, 19 in Bodrum) including:

  • 1 Two MICHELIN Star restaurant (İstanbul)

  • 11 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (6 in İstanbul, 3 in İzmir, 2 in Bodrum

  • 26 Bib Gourmand restaurants (18 in İstanbul, 6 in İzmir, 2 in Bodrum)

  • 73 selected restaurants (52 in İstanbul, 6 in İzmir and 15 in Bodrum)

  • 5 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants (2 in İstanbul, 3 in İzmir)

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