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MICHELIN Guide 2024 - Buenos Aires and Mendoza - First selection

Buenos Aires and Mendoza are the first two Hispanic destinations in South America to see restaurants recommended by the MICHELIN Guide.

  • The Aramburu restaurant is directly awarded 2 MICHELIN Stars, and 6 establishments are awarded One MICHELIN Star, 7 a Bib Gourmand and 57 others are recommended.

  • The MICHELIN Green Star is awarded to 7 restaurants for their outstanding commitment to more sustainable gastronomy.

  • Two Special Awards are presented to highlight talented restaurant professionals: the Sommelier Award and the Young Chef Award.

Michelin is pleased to unveil the very first restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Buenos Aires & Mendoza. A total of 71 restaurants, of which 52 are located in Buenos Aires and 19 in Mendoza, are recommended by the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors. These include 1 Two MICHELIN Star restaurant (in Buenos Aires), 6 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (2 in Buenos Aires and 4 in Mendoza) and 7 Bib Gourmand establishments (all in Buenos Aires) – the Guide's distinction awarded to restaurants offering quality cuisine at moderate prices. Seven restaurants have also been awarded the MICHELIN Green Star for their outstanding commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

"We are delighted to present our first restaurant selection for Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Our inspectors have been looking at these two destinations for some time, and they have been impressed by the quality, the creativity and the warm hospitality that top level restaurants offer. The number and diversity of establishments they found – of which 7 restaurants immediately receive One or Two MICHELIN Stars – clearly show how Argentina has settled as a global gastronomic destination worthy of discovery," comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides.

"Among the key trends they observed, our inspectors were pleased to see the commitment of many chefs to using and respecting – either through classical or more contemporary techniques – the best local and seasonal produce. Not only the finest meats, expertly grilled in the Argentinian asado style, but also the best fruit and vegetables, combined with outstanding wines – including the iconic Malbec – coming from fertile and abundant countryside. We greatly look forward to continuing to find and recommend the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, and we sincerely hope our selection will encourage world travelers and local food lovers to visit these outstanding restaurants."

The MICHELIN Guide Buenos Aires and Mendoza 2024 at a glance:

71 recommended restaurants, including:

  • 1 Two MICHELIN Star restaurant (in Buenos Aires)

  • 6 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (2 in Buenos Aires; 4 in Mendoza)

  • 7 Bib Gourmand restaurants (all in Buenos Aires)

  • 57 selected restaurants (42 in Buenos Aires; 15 in Mendoza)

  • 7 restaurants awarded the MICHELIN Green Star

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