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MICHELIN Guide 2024 - Beijing - A restaurant offering Teochew specialties is awarded Three MICHELIN Stars

For the first time, a restaurant offering Teochew specialties is awarded Three MICHELIN Stars

  • 1 new restaurant is awarded Three MICHELIN Stars, and 3 new restaurants receive One MICHELIN Star

  • 3 MICHELIN Special Awards were presented: the MICHELIN Young Chef, Sommelier and Service Awards

  • This selection rewards 105 restaurants, including 16 new establishments, and represents over 30 culinary styles

On October 12, the fifth MICHELIN Guide Beijing selection was unveiled during a ceremony at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing. Two years after the last restaurant was promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars, a new establishment has been awarded this distinction.

The 2024 selection comprises 105 restaurants, including 3 Three-MICHELIN-Star restaurants, 2 Two-MICHELIN-Star restaurants, 28 One-MICHELIN-Star restaurants, 20 Bib Gourmand restaurants, and 52 restaurants recommended by the MICHELIN Guide. During the ceremony, MICHELIN also presented 3 special awards: the MICHELIN Young Chef, Sommelier, and Service Awards.

"While working on the fifth edition of the MICHELIN Guide Beijing, our team has been delighted to witness that the local restaurant industry has not lost any of its dynamism or drawing power," pointed out Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. "We are delighted to welcome a new restaurant to the Three-MICHELIN-Star family. This is wonderful news for the Beijing gastronomic scene. Chao Shang Chao (Chaoyang) Restaurant, run by chef Cheung, has been a model of excellence since it opened," he added.

"Within the framework of this new selection, our inspection team also saw the emergence and progression of many restaurants offering cuisine typical of the various Chinese provinces and cities, especially Fujian, Sichuan, Hubei, and even Ningbo, which is the economic center of the Zhejiang province. Deeply rooted in their culinary identities, these restaurants are proud and authentic ambassadors for their territories, as well as the perfect illustration of the cultural exchanges that bind China’s capital city to the country’s other provinces. A true homage to the wide diversity of the Beijing food scene, our new selection includes more than 30 different types of cuisine.”

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