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2023 was a key year for the Michelin Guide

  • 2023 was a turning point for the MICHELIN Guide, heralding a new hotel distinction: the MICHELIN Key.

  • The international gastronomic scene is steadily expanding, with eleven new MICHELIN destinations in 2023 and others to come in 2024. An increasing number of restaurants are being recognized with a Green Star.

  • The upcoming generation of gourmets is proving extremely active on social media with 5.5 million subscribers to the MICHELIN Guide digital platforms.

2023 was a turning point for the MICHELIN Guide. After four years of work, the MICHELIN Guide turned a corner and now includes a selection of more than 5,000 remarkable hotels located in 120 countries. This selection is available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. Each year from now on, the MICHELIN Key will distinguish exceptional establishments among this selection run by teams who demonstrate unique forms of savoir-faire. The MICHELIN Key is attributed following one or several stays conducted anonymously by the selection teams of the MICHELIN Guide. Six destinations will be revealed in the first half of 2024, with France being the first to unveil its honorees. In international gastronomy, the year 2023 saw an outpouring of Stars throughout the world. The MICHELIN Guide inspection teams awarded no fewer than 930 distinctions to culinary establishments*. The experts returned to the some 45 destinations currently covered by the MICHELIN Guide to renew the existing selections or to reveal completely new ones. Eleven new selections have now joined the MICHELIN selection: Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Hangzhou in China, Izmir and Bodrum in Turkey, Poznań in Poland, the state of Colorado and the city of Atlanta in the United States, and Latvia.

The international selection demonstrates the full diversity of gastronomic savoir-faire throughout the world.

  • No fewer than 13 restaurants with “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey” have newly received Three MICHELIN Stars, including establishments receiving this supreme culinary honor for the first time in Slovenia.

  • 48 restaurants were chosen for their “excellent cooking that is worth a detour” with Two MICHELIN Stars. Among these are a first in Poland and the first in Thailand to be run by a female chef.

  • There are 364 “very good restaurants” that received One MICHELIN Star, including the very first to receive such an honor in Abu Dhabi.

  • And let us not forget some 450 Bib Gourmands singled out for their “exceptionally good food at moderate prices.” Foremost among these are a number of Malaysian street food vendors, a typical concept of the region.

  • Lastly, 505 Green Stars were awarded (new and confirmed) to exemplary restaurants that place sustainability and environmentally friendly practices at the heart of their approach and philosophy.

The Green Star demonstrates the MICHELIN Guide’s commitment to foster more sustainable practices. Its objective is to promote and raise awareness of environmental protection throughout the restaurant sector. The establishments receiving this distinction become true ambassadors of responsible principles among their peers, leading the way for every generation. Green Star establishments chefs demonstrate the scope of new gastronomic approaches, which are now as important to gourmets as the dining experience itself.

New culinary destinations all over the world in 2024

The year 2024 looks just as promising, with great discoveries to come and new selections such as Busan in South Korea, Brazil and Mexico. The year’s first selection, Great Britain and Ireland, will be revealed on February 5th. For the first time, the ceremony will take place outside of London – in Manchester. Second in line is Belgium February 26th then Portugal on 27th, which for the first time will stand apart from Spain with its own selection. And don’t miss the MICHELIN Guide France selection which will be revealed from the city of Tours this year. This exciting event in French gastronomy will take place on March 18th.

An exponential rise in traffic to the MICHELIN Guide digital platforms

The MICHELIN Guide digital platforms cover all these events and offer a great deal of content showcasing the chefs, their recipes, their sustainable initiatives, and even the inspectors’ secrets. The exponential rise of traffic to the platforms (with an additional 600,000 subscribers in 2023) reflects the growing interest in gastronomy all over the world. Nearly 5.5 million subscribers now follow the combined platforms, while the Instagram account – with nearly three million followers on its own – has generated an additional 400 million views.

Consult the website to get MICHELIN Guide news from all over the world and to find links to the various social media accounts.

The whole MICHELIN Guide team wishes you a gourmet year filled with wonderful discoveries and unforgettable experiences to share. *not including the selection in France

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