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A third sustainable vintage for the Robert Parker Green Emblem

Robert Parker Wine Advocate celebrates the third-year anniversary of its sustainability-focused award, the Green Emblem

  • 11 new wineries awarded with the Robert Parker Green Emblem for their inspiring sustainable approach to viticulture and winemaking.

  • Since its launch in 2020, the Robert Parker Green Emblem has been awarded to 50 wineries, considered at the forefront of sustainable practices.

The 2023 Robert Parker Green Emblem selection was unveiled today, celebrating an environmentally friendly evolution in the way of perceiving and producing wine.

Launched three years ago, the Robert Parker Green Emblem was created to celebrate all the efforts and sustainable initiatives of wine producers and accompany a positive change within the industry. The Green Emblem, a prestigious annual distinction, is a way to acknowledge and endorse wineries that go above and beyond to embrace environmentally friendly practices throughout their viticulture, winemaking and organizational processes.

The Robert Parker Wine Advocate team awards the Green Emblem to a wine producer to acknowledge that there are people and practices of outstanding sustainability achievements at the establishment’s core.

Once a winery is awarded this distinction, all of its wines are eligible to carry the Robert Parker Green Emblem going forward, until changes at the winery may result in the distinction being rescinded. To award the Green Emblem, the Robert Parker Wine Advocate team considers sustainability as a holistic approach: viticulture and winemaking themselves (farming techniques, soil health, biodiversity…), organization and facility (sources used, waste management, packaging policy, carbon footprint…) and ambassadorial role (wineries committed to share their approach to their communities, fostering a sustainable culture…).

“At the heart of the Green Emblem is a belief in the power of sustainable practices to shape the future of winemaking. The Robert Parker Green Emblem is our way of recognizing and applauding wineries that go the extra mile in adopting environmentally friendly methods throughout their processes, commending them to the broader wine community. We believe these efforts not only can be done without compromising taste and quality but can even enhance those attributes we hold most dear,” commented Joe Czerwinski, Robert Parker Wine Advocate Editor-in-Chief.

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