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The new ViaMichelin – turning routes into journeys

  • With ViaMichelin, routes count just as much as destinations – a new and holistic approach to travel to create tailor-made routes.

  • Packed with innovation, you’ll find all of MICHELIN’s expertise, from the MICHELIN Guide selections to calculating route costs.

  • Present throughout Europe, with a website and app available in 7 languages in 11 countries.

ViaMichelin is launching a brand-new and redesigned website and mobile app to unite all of the Michelin Group’s expertise and to deliver an unparalleled experience in terms of planning and travel, all with a single click! A route revolution!

ViaMichelin is becoming a great deal more than a simple navigation device, it is a veritable travel companion. The new ViaMichelin invites motorists to entirely reconsider their travel experience, with a focus on authentic and memorable experiences all the way to their destination. By doing so, routes become just as important as destinations.

The new website and app will enable simpler planning, by grouping together the best routes, the MICHELIN Guide selections and rich and inspiring editorial content in the same place, for planning car journeys around Europe.

“Hitting the road. For some, this simply means going from A to B. Going somewhere as quickly as possible. In recent years, navigation apps have made us lose sight of the many possibilities for exploration, apart from finding the fastest or most economical route. At ViaMichelin, we’re a lot more than simple planners, we’re a veritable travel companion with a passion for routes that are not necessarily linear. It’s also a way of addressing new Slow Tourism trends. We devise routes that meet expectations, that are fast or economical, and more importantly, routes that are worth the detour, in electric or thermal energy cars.”  Caio Favero Teixeira, ViaMichelin General Manager.


The latest version of ViaMichelin is characterized by its concentration of innovation, with a series of new features to enhance its users’ experience:

  • Areas of tourist interest, a ViaMichelin exclusivity: this feature offers suggestions for tourism breaks along the way, as well as hotel and restaurant listings, carefully calculated by the ViaMichelin team and offering MICHELIN Guide (restaurants and hotels) and tourist recommendations.

  • Tourist detours, a ViaMichelin exclusivity: available from the summer of 2024, this feature incorporates scenic “discovery routes” and tourist sites for gratifying detours.

  • All the MICHELIN Guide selections on a single map: with this innovation, ViaMichelin provides a Michelin filter to display tourist sites, restaurants and hotels on the map with their various accolades. Users can now choose the categories visible on the map and combine several types of points of interest according to their desires.

  • Routes that are respectful of the environment: an answer to users’ growing needs, this feature helps you plan journeys that are respectful of the environment. Whether you’re traveling with family, by electric car, or whether you are looking for culinary discoveries, ViaMichelin now offers the chance to optimize your journeys to mix business with pleasure – taking economic and environmental criteria into account.

  • Route cost calculation: with the increases and variations in fuel prices, ViaMichelin also advises users wishing to save money, including all the cost parameters: fuel and tolls.

  • A new magazine to provide inspiration: the ViaMichelin Magazine showcases its fresh design and renewed commitment to travel and eco-mobility values, thereby enhancing the experience of discovery.



The legacy of Michelin expertise Europe-wide

A faithful traveling companion since 2001, ViaMichelin has inherited Michelin’s mobility expertise and is asserting itself as one of the world’s leading digital route planners – garnering immediate success in France. In 2023, the website and app received 300 million visits and 15 million unique users chose ViaMichelin when planning routes and traveling.

Europe’s sole player for maps and route planning in 2024, ViaMichelin is available Europe-wide with a website and app available in 7 languages, in 11 European countries.

The journey starts here: ViaMichelin: Routes, Maps, Traffic conditions & Hotels (pictogram app store viamichelin app)

About ViaMichelin

Whether in France or elsewhere in Europe, ViaMichelin helps its users to make their journey as important as their destination. Available in 7 languages on its website and free app, ViaMichelin is the Michelin Group’s route planning and map tool. For holidays, escapades and daily journeys, in 2023 more than 15 million people used the ViaMichelin service per month to plan their routes. ViaMichelin offers a number of options including searches for hotel listings, tourist sites and for booking restaurants, and turns every journey into a unique experience.


About Michelin

Michelin, the leading mobility company, is dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility, sustainably; designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its clients’ needs; providing digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences; and developing high-technology materials that serve a variety of industries. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in

177 countries, has 132,200 employees and operates 67 tire production facilities which together produced around 167 million tires in 2022 (

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