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“On the road and beyond!” Michelin’s new advertising campaign reiterates the brand’s innovative strength

  • 4 years after its “Motion for life” global advertising campaign that celebrated movement by showcasing its wealth of products and services, Michelin is now reasserting its innovative brand DNA

  • The “On the road and beyond!” journey spotlights this innovative strength with some shining examples of Michelin’s unique expertise

A journey that emphasizes the brand’s innovative strength

While the first phase of the campaign celebrated movement and showcased Michelin’s wealth of products and services, the second phase takes us further, to the heart of the Group’s unique expertise in the science of materials and their assembly.

It provides an insight into some new applications of this expertise, such as driverless vehicles, which, thanks to the incorporation of extremely high-tech materials in their wheels, will be capable of exploring the moon’s surface, or enormous wing-sails used for merchant marine vessels to help decarbonize maritime transport.

Unveiled at the launch of the “Motion for life” advertising campaign in 2020, the saga features the “black-outlined white code”, as a tribute to the Michelin Man and to whisk the public away on a journey to the heart of its innovations.

The new brand film was a creative challenge entrusted to the BETC advertising agency. The production uses a dramatic form, drawing on the talent of filmmaker Henry Scholfield, and bringing Michelin’s innovative spirit to life with a careful balance of highly cinematographic shots and 3D tech touches.

France-wide launch on May 13, followed by other countries during 2024

The new multi-platform, billboard and media campaign will be launched in France on May 13, 2024. It will be quickly rolled out in 9 other countries worldwide; in Europe with Spain, and Italy; in Asia with China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as in the US, Canada and Brazil.

“Our Brand campaign reveals exactly what defines Michelin - a Group in motion, whose innovation is one of its primary driving forces. This innovative, universal and optimistic strength, which has been its lifeblood for the last 135 years, shapes the future of our Group. In the future, Michelin will propose products which are ever-more high-tech, innovative and environmentally-friendly. This is the meaning behind the campaign, showcasing a few of these products”, stated Adeline Challon-Kemoun, a member of the Michelin Group’s Executive Committee and Head of Corporate Engagement, Brands and Lifestyle Activities.

“Inventing a new dominion for a brand as universal as Michelin is any advertiser’s dream, especially at a time when the brand has never been as influential or future-oriented. We all knew that tires could take us far, but we never imagined just how far!” declared Rémi Babinet, Founding Chairman of BETC.



Photos and videos available on:

 The 85-second film in English:

 Michelin innovates on the road and beyond! - YouTube


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