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MICHELIN Guide 2024 – Spain – 2 new three-star restaurants

2 new three-star restaurants shine in the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Spain

  • With Disfrutar (Barcelona) and Noor (Córdoba), Spain has achieved a historical zenith by reaching 15 establishments awarded Three MICHELIN Stars

  • There is 1 new Two MICHELIN Star restaurant and 31 restaurants that have been newly awarded One MICHELIN Star, bringing the number of Starred establishments in Spain to a total of 271

  • 12 new restaurants have also been awarded the MICHELIN Green Star


Michelin is pleased to present the restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Spain 2024. Once again, this edition is dazzling, and it is the first time the new additions for Spain are presented aside of the Portuguese ones, as Portugal gains in prominence and will have its own MICHELIN Guide Ceremony, to be organized in Algarve on February 27, 2024.

This year’s selection recommends a total of 1,266 restaurants, of which 271 have been awarded MICHELIN Stars, including two new restaurants with Three Michelin Stars.

The Spanish gastronomic scene continues to appear unstoppable, as Michelin Inspectors are seeing how young chefs, who are normally trained in establishments of great prestige, are embarking on the adventure of opening their own businesses both in big cities and small towns, and in many cases extolling their links with the region and promoting the local economy.

In turn, new centers of attraction are appearing for gourmets, who see how the offer is renewed, continues to grow, and takes on special importance within many hotels.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide, stated: "Year after year, Spain continues to impress our inspectors. Here, chefs and their teams are forging not only one of the most unique gastronomic scenes, but one that inspires the world. The level of creativity and personality displayed in pioneering restaurants is matched only by the deepest respect for ancestral culinary traditions, proudly showcased in territories that together constitute a true gastronomic mosaic. With no fewer than 34 establishments newly awarded one or more MICHELIN Stars – including Disfrutar and Noor, which have climbed to the top of the world gastronomic ladder - and 12 restaurants newly earning the MICHELIN Green Star, our 2024 selection fully illustrates these underlying trends."

The MICHELIN Guide Spain 2024 selection at a glance:

  • Three MICHELIN Stars: 15 restaurants (2 new)

  • Two MICHELIN Stars: 32 restaurants (1 new)

  • One MIHCHELIN Star: 224 restaurants (31 new)

  • MICHELIN Green Star: 49 restaurants (12 new)

  • Bib Gourmand: 229 restaurants (23 new)

  • Selected: 766 restaurants (91 new)

Andorra, which is also included in this issue’s selection, has 5 recommended restaurants, one of which has been awarded One MICHELIN Star.

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