Tires made from 100% sustainable materials:
Utopia or reality?

As of its design, the tire already integrates more bio-sourced or recycled materials (natural rubber, bio-sourced resins, recycled plastics, etc.).  Michelin engineers are in action on numerous research projects carried out in partnership with startups, laboratories and universities. By 2030, Michelin will integrate an average of 40% sustainable materials in its tires. In 2050, this rate will reach 100%.

Eric Vinesse - 2021

"A tire equates to 200 ingredients and 30 families of materials that need to be studied one by one in order to identify a sustainable solution.

Eric Vinesse, Executive Vice President, Research & Development - Member of the Group Executive Committee


Tires made from 100% sustainable materials: Utopia or reality?

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The tires of the future will be 100% sustainable, throughout their entire life cycle:

  • Design: tires composed of 100% bio-sourced or recycled materials by 2050 and 40% by 2030.
  • Manufacture: net zero COemission production plants by 2050.
  • Logistics: transporting less and better and developing alternative means of transport.
  • Use: low rolling resistance, long-term performance, lessening tire wear particles and connected tires.
  • End-of-life and recycling: making today’s waste into the resources of tomorrow for tires and beyond. Michelin and Bridgestone call for structure to be given to the segment.

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