People and Goods on the move”: this is the slogan of the new edition of the IAA Transportation; an evocative slogan for Michelin, for whom movement is also an essential element of human life and development. In order to have the mobility of people and goods develop sustainably, Michelin is relying on its capacity for innovation and on its expertise, not only in tires, but also around and beyond tires. Examples.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet: connected services and solutions for fleet management

Thanks to a perfect understanding of usage and broad expertise in the field of enhancing data from connected items, Michelin is positioning itself as a key leader in terms of connected mobility, and fleet management is one of the major fields of development for its connected services activity.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet

In fact, by 2030, the Group is aiming at an annual growth rate of 15% in vehicles under contract, in the knowledge that  Michelin is currently one of the 5 world leaders in terms of fleet services, with over 1 million vehicles already under contract, “Data management is essential when it comes to managing a fleet. With MICHELIN Connected Fleet, we are helping our clients to transfer the data from their vehicles into information with high added value, and thus to improve their operational efficiency, reduce their environmental impact and make their operations safer and more predictable,” specified Gilson Santiago, CEO of MICHELIN Connected Fleet.

Fleet management, as seen by Lorraine Frega

Business Director - Distribution, Services and Solutions, Strategy, Innovation, and Partnerships

Did you know ?

As early as 1922, Michelin launched its first “Care and Service” contracts. Specialized sales representatives visited their fleet manager clients, to ensure the correct use and good condition of the tires… but also to carry out the preventative inspections that would allow for anticipating breakdowns, preventing anomalies and advising customers.

Michelin: pioneer and technological leader in tires for electric vehicles

Longevity, rolling resistance, performances made to last, load capacity, low noise level, etc.: the performances required for electric vehicles match the fields in which Michelin has built its legitimacy and excellence thanks to its capacity for research and innovation. Thanks to its technological leadership in terms of electric mobility, Michelin now offers tires suited to the specific needs of all electric vehicles. With the new MICHELIN X INCITY EV Z tire for electric buses, Michelin is aiding the transition to mobility solutions that are cleaner, more efficient and with a greater range.


Hydrogen: a response to the challenges of the energy transition

The IAA trade fair in Hannover was the opportunity for Michelin, through its subsidiary Symbio, to confirm its commitment to the development of hydrogen; a subsidiary that, for the Group, represents one of its levers for long-term growth in High-tech Materials. Within 10 years, the Group plans to have 20-30% of its activity outside of tires. “We are partners of the Stellantis group with our StackPacks® system, within the framework of the deployment of the first program for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles in the world. We believe that hydrogen is a key solution for the energy transition, especially for sustainable mobility, from light vehicles to heavy goods vehicles, which make long journeys and demand fast charging,” commented Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio.

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