These programs are aligned with the Michelin group’s purpose and reaffirm its proactive historic commitment to making roads safer. They are also a key component of Michelin’s societal commitment to bringing communities better safe mobility practices. The involvement of local stakeholders (NGOs, local governments, Ministry for Transportation, Essilor, our customer Tireplus, etc.) provided significant support for our work in the field.
Nicolas Beaumont, Senior Vice President Sustainable Development and Mobility
photo Nicolas Beaumont2

Overview of joint Michelin-FIA initiatives for safer mobility

These initiatives were first rolled out in 2019 for young and new drivers in 8 countries where the Michelin Group operates (Argentina, Brazil, China, Cambodia, Spain, United States of America, Indonesia, and Thailand). Despite the pandemic, the campaign continued in 2020, particularly in Thailand, the United States, Argentina, and Spain.  For Michelin and its partner, these educational and awareness-raising initiatives are an opportunity to remind drivers of the habits that save lives on the road and the FIA golden rules for safe mobility.

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  • February 26 2020

Michelin takes action for safer mobility

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