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2021 Annual General Meeting

Privileged moment of information, exchange and sharing on the life of the Company, the Annual General Meeting allows you to express your vote and thus to take part in the important decisions for your Group, and this whatever the number of shares that you hold.


  • AG 2021 - Michelin : La stratégie 2030 "Tout durable"

  • AG 2021 Michelin - Activité 2020 et perspectives 2021

  • Faits marquants 2020

  • AG 2021 Michelin - Rapport des Commissaires aux comptes

  • Michelin in motion - FR

  • AG 2021 Michelin - Rapport du Président du Comité des Rémunérations et des Nominations

  • AG 2021 Michelin - Portrait de Jean-Christophe Laourde

Documents relating to the 2021 Annual General Meeting


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