The members of the Michelin Shareholders Committee at the 2022 Annual General Meeting (Nicolas Morin's absent).

At the end of the 2020 General Meeting, the majority of the mandates have expired. The Group's desire is to involve individual and employee shareholders more and more closely in the Company's capital. They now respectively represent 10% and 2% of the capital. Based on a better knowledge of the typology of our shareholders, it was decided to redesign this committee by opting for a tighter format by integrating more diversity of profiles and experience. This new committee has been renamed the "Michelin Shareholders' Committee".


Michelin has over 200,000 individual shareholders, including 70,000 employees.


Our new Committee now has six members, including three women and three men, half of whom are individual shareholders and half are employee shareholders, in order to reflect our individual shareholder base. Its first meeting was held on 28 April 2021.




 Maintenance Agent 



« My arrival at Michelin is recent and I want to invest in the Company while enriching my vision of the Group and the people who make it up. »


Technical sales executive



« I wanted to join this committee in order to participate in the development of a company with which I have a strong attachment and to expand my knowledge of the world of shareholding as well as the functioning of an industrial company with worldwide influence. »


Benefits Specialist



« Joining the Shareholders' Committee, as a Michelin employee, is a real opportunity for me to contribute to better communication with all the Group's individual shareholders. »

Emmanuel ZANCA

Bank Branch Manager



« Joining this committee is an opportunity for me to contribute to the project of an international group with strong values, notably respect for people and the continuous search for operational excellence. »

Thérèse BONNET

English teacher (American nationality)



« I am happy to participate in strengthening the links between this flagship company in my adopted region and its shareholders. »

Nicolas MORIN

Competition tyre developer

and  motorbike test driver




« I wanted to join the Committee to contribute to the quality of relations between individual and employee shareholders »



Its mission is to actively contribute, through its opinions and proposals, to the development of the communication system for the Michelin group's individual and employee shareholders, particularly on subjects relating to communication tools and documents, the preparation of the Group's General Meetings and, where applicable, the preparation of meetings with shareholders in France.

How its works


The Committee is a real source of proposals and meets two to three times a year, including once at the General Meeting, for working sessions with the Financial Communication team. It regularly presents its recommendations and deliverables to the Group's management.



Join the Committee!


For 20 years, the Michelin Shareholders' Committee has been helping to develop our shareholder relationship.

As the mandate of the current members expires in March 2024, we are looking for future shareholders to join our Committee for the next 2 years.


Please submit your application by scanning the QR code or clicking on the link bellow.

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Meeting of November 16, 2023


The members of the Michelin’s Shareholders’ Committee have gathered for their last annual event. They attended several interventions around the three areas “People, Profit and Planet.”


We shared with them the latest Group news through our 3rd quarter results, the increase in our individual and employee shareholder base (240,000 by 10/31/2023) and Michelin's participation in the “Investir Day” trade show in Paris.


Sophie de Villepin, Michelin’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager presented the Group's initiatives in various fields. She particularly shared the initiatives taken for the integration of refugees in France, with the HOPE program "Hébergement, Orientation et Parcours pour l'Emploi» (Accommodation, Orientation and Career Paths), a scheme enabling people with refugee status to integrate sustainably into employment in France.


The meeting then continued with a focus on the environmental impact of our activities. Sophie Lesage, Group's Societal and Environmental Domain Manager, presented the steering of "Planet" ambitions in the Group's various entities, the leadership of environmental governance and relations with the 5 operational committees: climate change, biodiversity, water, pollution, circular economy.


CAM members will meet again for their last meeting in March 2024, when they will hand over their mandates to the new members.


The Individual and Employee Shareholder Relations team would like to thanks our Shareholders' Committee for their involvement in the development of shareholder communications, their availability and their enthusiasm over the past three years.

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