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2022 Annual General Meeting

Privileged moment of information, exchange and sharing on the life of the Company, the Annual General Meeting allows you to express your vote and thus to take part in the important decisions for your Group, and this whatever the number of shares that you hold.

Michelin receives the Grand Prix for Value Sharing

On Tuesday 5 July 2022, Michelin was awarded the Grand Prix du Partage de la Valeur at the Grands Prix de l'Assemblée Générale et de la Mixité ceremony organised by the Institut du Capitalisme Responsable (ICR). This prize rewards the Group for its remarkable practices at Annual General Meetings, such as : 

A balanced presentation based on the 3 dimensions: People, Planet, Profit;


  • Complete presentation of remuneration policies;

  • Presentation of the equity ratio;

  • A clear diagram showing the distribution of the value created.

Relive the 2022 Annual General Meeting

  • Strategic overview by Florent Menegaux, Managing Chairman

  • 2021 Highlights - Michelin

  • Decarbonizing Michelin's operations

  • Electromobility and Michelin's technological leadership

Documents relating to the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Press release

Michelin shares become more accessible !

The Michelin stock split was approved at the May 13, 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The operation has been effective since June 16, 2022

What is a stock split?

It consists in increasing the number of Michelin shares outstanding on the stock market. The operation does not have a direct impact on the total value of the Group. It has the mechanical effect of reducing the share price.

In the case of the split that would be carried out by Michelin, the ratio retained is 4 to 1.

Each shareholder will receive three additional shares for each share held.

After the operation, the value of the share portfolio will be the same. Each share will be worth ¼ of the initial value.


2021 Annual General Meeting

In the context of the global health crisis, the Group held its Combined General Meeting on May 21, 2021, exceptionally behind closed doors and without the physical presence of its shareholders.

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