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  • November 21 2019

How Michelin and Faurecia AIM to create a world leader in the fuel cell industry

  • November 29 2019

Sustainable development applied to the road haulage and urban transport sectors

  • November 14 2019

Conquering a fast-growing market

  • Key figures

    €22.03 billion 2018 sales

  • Key figures

    ~190 milliontires manufactured

  • Key figures


  • Key figures

    €2,8 billionSegment Operationnal Income

Events to come

  • Publication of 2019 3rd quarter and 9 months sales
    Thu, 24 Oct. 2019
  • Shareholder meetings in Nancy
    Tue, 17 Dec. 2019
  • Shareholder meetings in Reims
    Wed, 18 Dec. 2019

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  • What does mean « Free float » ?
  • What does mean « Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) » ?

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