Our goals

Over the decades, the Group has developed true expertise in materials. That includes all of the types of materials and components used in tires: elastomers, cables, molds, textiles, blends, and 3D metal printing. By identifying this high-tech field as strategic for its sustainable development, Michelin is reaffirming its proactive approach.
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3D printing

Michelin, the leader in 3D metal printing for industrial design, is a major player in metal-additive manufacturing. That leadership position comes thanks to our technical expertise and our industrial experience in mold design. In 2015, we partnered with Fives, the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial machinery, to combine our...
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Chemical and specialty products

Promoting our innovations to other industrial companies while maintaining our competitive edge represents an opportunity and a challenge for Michelin.

Clean and biosourced materials

New supply chains are emerging for biomaterials, which replace fossil materials with renewable resources. The Group wants to be involved in the supply chains that are critical for its core business. It also aims to achieve leadership in the industry with offers like new kinds of biosourced elastomers and monomers.
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The Michelin group actively contributes to reclaiming end-of-life tires, which it recycles both in tire production and for other uses. It does that by investing in innovative technologies: The October 2017 acquisition of Lehigh Technologies is just one example.

Rubber products 

Michelin has more than a century of experience in designing, transforming, testing and managing the performance of rubber-based composite products. How can we use that recognized expertise to create even more value?


Hydrogen is key to achieving Paris Agreement objectives. It's appropriate for all uses and eliminates CO2 emissions, improves air quality and furthers the energy transition. Michelin has been working on this technology for more than 15 years.

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