Rubber products 

“Sustainably improving mobility for people and goods” is part of Michelin’s purpose. That commitment to our customers and to more sustainable mobility is an integral part of our historic business of designing, producing, and marketing tires.

Services autour du pneu

Michelin is keenly attuned to professionals’ needs and works with them to develop services and solutions that meet their unique expectations.

Expériences de mobilité

Travelers are always looking for new discoveries and unique experiences. The Michelin Group is there to help them discover new mobility experiences every day.

Matériaux de haute technologie

Our expertise in high-tech materials (polymers, biomaterials, recycling, rubber products, etc.) and cutting-edge industrial processes like 3D metal printing is one of the keys to our product differentiation. Always with the goal of offering our customers increasingly sustainable mobility.


  • May 14 2020

The Michelin Group’s Universal Registration Document

  • November 12 2020

Michelin Lifestyle Ltd: already 20 years of experience…

  • November 5 2020

When the Vision Becomes Reality

  • Key figures

    European leader on motorcycle and scooter tires

  • Key figures

    World leader on radial tires for civil engineering, agriculture and aviation

  • Key figures

    200 million of tires are produced each year by Michelin

Events to come

  • Frankfurt Motor Show iaa 2019
    Thu, 12 Sep. 2019

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