Working at Michelin

At Michelin, finding the best way forward is the Company's core concern. This means moving forward in your career with the help of a personalized career path, moving forward in your job thanks to outstanding team spirit, and moving forward in the search for better mobility to serve an iconic, innovation-driven brand.

Professional development throughout your career

As they map out their career path, employees can count on the guidance and support of their line manager and career manager. The scope and scale of Michelin's operations open up a range of varied and international career opportunities. The Group wants to help everyone achieve their potential as it works to meet its skills requirements.

A strong culture and values

Michelin's people all share the same human values, along with a firm belief that trust and respect are the essential enablers for confidently tackling the challenges ahead and pushing our limits.

Moving forward on the strength of an iconic, innovative brand

The Michelin brand is recognized and respected the world over. It sets the standards in quality and innovation, and Michelin employees take great pride in its strength. The role each person plays in the Company's development is reflected in this success. Michelin offers its employees the opportunity to contribute, in their own way, to tomorrow's achievements.

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