Will the future belong to those who know how to use and leverage data?

Data is increasingly central to corporate strategy.  That is particularly true at Michelin, where for the past 6 years we have been working on a profound process of digitization and see data as a true non-tangible asset.

The challenge is “to extract as much value as possible from it to improve not only the customer experience but also the employee experience.

From the outset, priority acceleration areas were defined such as CRM, e-retail, websites, Data or Artificial Intelligence, and were accompanied by the implementation of digital platforms on a global scale.

The challenge is important : creating value with data. Responsibility for these platforms is entrusted to multidisciplinary expert teams made up of Michelin employees (representing the activities) and external partners. These are the "Digital Factories", located in the United States, France and India.

It is clear that data-driven companies will stand out – an idea to which Michelin is firmly committed. Its culture of excellence and high standards, as well as its customers’ trust, are tremendous assets as it explores new avenues for data.

Yves Chapot and Patrice Cochin’s presentations

2 examples of value creation using data

The "Product Screen" project

How to better serve our customers and facilitate the work of our employees ?

The "S@@M" project

How to anticipate shortages in our Supply Chain so we can manage them ?

Introducing the Assises de la Data

This event, hosted by the Netexplo Observatory and sponsored by the French Ministry for the Economy, Finance, and Economic Recovery, in partnership with HEC Paris, the BCG, Les Echos, and Villa Numéris, aims to promote the best data strategies and practices in major CAC 40 groups and French start-ups and share them with all political and economic decision-makers in order to accelerate the Data Transformation of the French economy.

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