A tread that can be 3D printed on demand

VISION can be “recharged” using a 3D printer, making it possible to adjust the amount of rubber compound and customize the tread pattern according to the needs of each motorist.

A step forward for the environment and for customer service

It’s one of the most revolutionary aspects of the VISION concept. Having a tire with a 3D-printed tread makes it possible to deposit just the right amount of rubber compound, thereby reducing the use of raw materials.

The tread can be “recharged” using a 3D printer, which means that VISION can be adapted to motorists’ changing needs, for maximum comfort, safety and sustainability.

Drivers might want to adapt their tires to winter or summer conditions, for example. With 3D printing, these adjustments can be made quickly and easily via an on-demand service.

Leveraging Michelin’s expertise in 3D printing


Michelin is a pioneer and a world leader in the field of metal additive manufacturing, or metal 3D printing.
This technology is already used to design and create numerous products, including the components of tire molds.

Michelin will leverage its expertise in this area to go even further, innovating in rubber 3D printing to ultimately offer recharging solutions for tire treads.

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