Michelin invests in innovation with a focus on three key areas:


  1. Accelerating development of new ranges for the MICHELIN brand and other Group brands.
  2. Continual progress on improving tire performance and services for each new generation of tires.
  3. Disruptive innovations for truly original solutions.

R&D facts and figures

  • More than €640 million in the R&D budget (2017)
  • 6,000 R&D employees
  • 416 patents filed in 2017
  • 11,700 active patents worldwide
  • 700 qualified measurement methods, from nm to km
  • 400 simulation applications for total performance control
  • 40,000 on-vehicle tests every year
  • Close to 2 million kilometers of endurance testing on vehicles. That’s one lap around the world every 12 minutes.

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