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    13,180 days of volunteer work were carried out by Michelin employees in 2020

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    €9.3 million was allocated to outreach initiatives in communities in the vicinity of the Group’s plants and offices in 2020

Michelin's involvement in communities makes the Group a more attractive employer in its local labor pool. It also gives employees an opportunity to develop skills in areas other than their regular jobs. Because they are aligned with specific local needs, community engagement initiatives vary widely, for example:


  • Employees in South America are involved in education, diversity (with the "Beaches for Everyone" project) and the environment (reforestation of Rio de Janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain), in close cooperation with local NGOs.
  • In India, health and hygiene issues occupy nearly half of all volunteers, while a significant share of resources is allocated to programs that boost youth employability.
  • In Southeast Asia, a wide variety of projects are underway, with special emphasis on road safety and outreach to the neediest cases.
  • Employees in China also take part in environmental conservation programs, helping clean up contaminated or flooded land, maintain wilderness areas and plant trees.
  • In the United States and Europe, initiatives to support education and attract young people to technical and scientific jobs remain popular, as do charity-related sports events.

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